Woman and man sick with flu

Protect Yourself During Flu Season

While we are taking extra precautions this year around COVID-19, it is equally as important to protect you and your loved ones from the flu. You can prepare for flu season with these tips on prevention and how to take better care of yourself if you fall ill.

Know What to Expect From This Flu Season

2020 is one for the books. As we enter this flu season we are also facing concerns around COVID-19. Getting your flu vaccination is especially important because COVID-19 can mimic the symptoms of the flu, and the infections could even occur together. If you have underlying health issues, this could greatly impact your health.

Don’t stress quite yet! The influenza vaccine is a preventive vaccination - available now.

Prevent the Spread of Germs

As temperatures begin to dip in late autumn, people tend to stay indoors more frequently. Many of us are also practicing social distancing and staying indoors more than we did in previous years. With so many people staying inside in close proximity, the flu virus is able to spread and multiple with ease.

Preventative measures that we are already using for coronavirus, such as mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene are equally as effective to prevent the spread of the flu. Please take these practices seriously.

Even with the prevention techniques, there is still a risk of getting the flu. The flu vaccine is safe, and will add another layer of protection for your health. The sooner you get your vaccination, the quicker your antibodies will produce, resulting in the immune response to get to work.

Get More Rest

The couch seems like the easiest place to catch a few winks, but your body will get more rest if you move your hibernation to the bedroom. Not only is the bed much more comfortable than the couch, it’s also isolated from the living room where other household activities take place.

This can be difficult if you’re in the middle of the work week, but limiting your time on electronic devices can lead to better rest. Bright screens inhibit your mind’s ability to relax, and should be turned off well before you try to sleep. That means turning your phone off or on silent so your rest isn’t interrupted by notifications.

Get the Care You Need

For flu related questions and concerns, please visit our flu services webpage. You will find information on where you can get vaccinated along with FAQ.