Sprout growing in dirt

Planting Seeds of Health

When warm weather arrives, you want to get outdoors. It’s also a great time to think about giving back—many opportunities exist to serve your neighbors, community and planet. Consider these ideas to get started:

Help Earth, Help Yourself

Making our planet a safer and cleaner place has a direct correlation to our health. Indianapolis is the 20th most polluted city in North America, so this spring consider doing your part to help improve our home.

  • Reduce air pollution: If you have to drive somewhere, try to carpool with a friend or co-worker who’s going to the same place. If your destination is close enough, consider walking or biking.
  • Conserve water: Overuse of water is an easy problem to tackle at home. Try to do laundry only when necessary, and make sure you’re fully loading the washer each time. Do the same for your dishwasher.
  • Combat litter: The next time you take a hike or walk through your local park, bring along a garbage bag and pick up any trash you find along the way.

Expand Your Recycling

Contrary to what you may have heard, plastic grocery bags are indeed recyclable. Rather than placing them in the same container as the rest of your thicker plastic items, take them to your local grocery store or library.

If you have a back yard, you may also want to consider starting a compost heap. Composting can take care of a lot of the household waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill — leftover fruits and vegetables, eggshells and coffee grounds are some of the most common foods that can be used.

Get Involved With Serve360º

Giving back is part of our culture. That’s why we developed the Serve360° program — it’s an opportunity for Community caregivers to support their communities. Our caring extends beyond the walls of our facilities.

Whether donating time to food pantries, schools or urban gardens, we are proud of the difference Serve360° makes each year:

  • 1,530 volunteers
  • 6,850 hours of service
  • 47 agencies and programs


Dedicating time to improving the world around you can give you back so much more. See how your happiness can improve by getting involved with charity.