Juice Boxes

Most Sugary Kids Drinks

Strawberry NesquikDrinks marketed to children as "healthier" because they are fruit-flavored may actually contain high amounts of bad sugars. According to Dr. Deepa Verma, boxed juices can be just as bad as drinking soda, leading to childhood obesity and tooth decay. Apple juice, for example, has almost no natural ingredients and is full of sugar. Dr. Verma notes, "Natural doesn't always mean good for you...organic-looking packaging...doesn't mean the contents are good for your kids."

So what kids drinks are the worst offenders of added sugar? Here are the top ten most over-sweetened beverages (*per 8-oz serving):

  1. Nesquik Strawberry Milk (29.59 grams sugar - more than 8 Chips Ahoy cookies!)
  2. Kool-Aid Jammers - Blue Raspberry (25.33 grams sugar - more than a full-size Hershey's chocolate bar)
  3. MinuteMaid Fruit Punch (5% juice blend; 25 grams sugar)
  4. CapriSun (20 grams sugar)
  5. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (21 grams sugar)
  6. Hawaiian Punch Berry Limeade Blast (17 grams sugar)
  7. SunnyD (3% juice; 14 grams sugar)
  8. Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red (14 grams sugar)
  9. Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness (10 grams sugar)
  10. Motts for Tots Apple Juice (15 grams sugar)

Sugary Drink Alternatives

The next time you reach for a juice box for your child, consider lower-sugar alternatives, such as coconut water and smoothies blended with low-sugar whole fruits (berries, cherries, apples, lemon juice) and veggies. For chocolate milk, try blending whole milk with cocoa powder and honey.

Source and image: http://www.thedailymeal.com/12-most-over-sweetened-kids-drinks/22614