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How to Set Realistic Healthy New Year's Resolutions

As we look toward the new year, many people are making personal resolutions in hopes of creating “new beginnings.” From hitting the gym regularly to eating a healthier diet, these goals can easily slip away from us. This year, take a new approach to a healthy resolution! Small steps toward your resolution can set the foundation for a healthier, sustainable 2018.

Drink More Water

There are many health benefits of drinking more water, such as keeping your skin healthy and helping your brain functioning at full capacity. The average adult needs between two and three liters a day, which means we should be drinking about a cup of water every hour throughout the day. That may seem like a lot, but there are some easy ways to make sure you stay properly hydrated.

If you don’t already have one, consider buying a reusable water bottle to keep at your desk. Filling it regularly throughout the day gives you an excuse to get up and stretch your legs, which is a win-win! It will also help you ease away from drinking less healthy liquids like soda and help improve your diet.

Take a Screen Break

Studies show that American adults spend more than 10 hours staring at screens each day. There’s a good chance that eight of those hours are in front of a computer screen, depending on your job. That’s not even factoring in time spent on your smartphone answering texts or in front of a TV binging your favorite show.

All that screen time really adds up and can be too much for your eyes to handle. Make a resolution to avoid electronics when possible; that might mean reading a new book every month, taking your dog for more regular walks, or starting a new hobby--like baking--that gets you away from screens.

Make Sleep a Priority

The unfortunate truth is that most adults aren’t getting enough sleep. We should be getting seven and a half hours of sleep every night. With a busy work schedule and personal life, it can often be difficult to manage (even seven). A lack of sleep makes your brain and body sluggish, so making sleep a priority in 2018 can go a long way.

You probably know what time you need to wake up in the morning, so working backward from that you can set your bedtime. Set yourself up for success by making your bedroom an easier place to get a good night’s rest. Consider putting pets in another room or investing in a white noise machine if you find yourself waking up throughout the night.

By taking small steps toward your well-being, you can pave the way for a healthier 2018. From all of us at Community Health Network, we hope you have a safe and healthy new year!