Man with springtime allergies

How to Combat Allergy Symptoms

Achoo! As temperatures warm many people start to experience seasonal allergies.

"With the warm spring weather and high precipitation levels in recent weeks, allergy season is in full bloom," said Dr. Peter Schilt, otolaryngologist at Community Physician Network.

Schilt says that many people often mistake seasonal allergy symptoms for the common cold. Check the infographic below for symptoms that may occur with allergies, a cold or both.

Allergies or Cold infographic

"People may be noticing sneezing, nasal congestion, itchiness of their eyes and nose, and nasal drainage, said Schilt. "If these symptoms persist or if they occur consistently during certain times of the year, a patient may be unknowingly suffering from allergies."

Combat Season Allergies Infographic

He reminds those with allergies of easy ways to combat their symptoms: 

  • Keep windows and doors closed when the weather gets warm. (This reduces the amount of pollen let into your home.)
  • Take a shower before going to bed. (This will remove excess pollen from your body.)
  • Check and change A/C filter throughout spring season.
  • Consult an ENT or allergist.

For more information about combating allergies, call 800-777-7775 and ask to be referred to an otolaryngologist.