Tips on how to stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

Exercise is a key ingredient to weight loss. But there will, no doubt, be days when you simply don’t want to exercise. Having a motivation plan in place can help make the difference between success and failure.

What will make or break your success

You have to know what you want and why. Identify this and write it down. If you don’t want it badly enough you’re not going to put in the work when it’s inconvenient, hard or boring. “Get healthy”, “feel better”, “have more energy” are great goals, but they’re too vague to be motivating. In a moment of weakness, they’re not powerful enough to motivate you.

Ask yourself:

  • What exactly am I trying to accomplish? Be specific.
    • “…to play at the park with my kids and not get winded”
    • “…to sit comfortably in a roller coaster”
  • Why is this important to me? Again, be very specific.
  • What will my life be like once I achieve this goal? How will I feel?
  • How will I feel if I don’t achieve this goal?

Five effective ways to motivate yourself

  1. Take baby steps toward your goals. The building blocks of habits. When you succeed with each baby step, you’ll be motivated to keep going.
  2. Track your progress. Research shows that keeping track of your progress and making it visual is very motivating. When you look back and see how far you’ve come, you’ll start to believe anything is possible.
  3. Keep your eyes on the prize. Focus on what you’re trying to achieve every time you think about skipping a workout.
  4. Visualize yourself succeeding. Nearly all professional athletes use this strategy. Visualize yourself achieving your goals. Fill your brain with “I can” or “I will” statements.
  5. Celebrate small wins. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Small wins add up to big victories.

Need help?

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