The Alderson family's gift will make integrated oncology services available to more patients.

Foundation Receives Largest Gift in Its History From Local Philanthropist

For Tony Alderson, president and co-founder of Alderson Commercial Group, life is all about development. Development of properties and structures, in his career of course, but also development on a personal level as someone who comes alongside others in a time of need.

More integrated oncology services available to more patients

To that end, Tony recently made a gift to Community Health Network Foundation in the amount of $1.5 million in order to support cancer patients and their journey to healing. The largest donation from an individual in the Foundation’s 40-year history, Tony’s gift will be used to develop a comprehensive plan to implement and grow Community’s integrative oncology program—which offers holistic services like art therapy, yoga, tai chi and massage—across all six of Community’s Central Indiana regions.

For Tony, this gift is about family

Tony made his donation on behalf of those he considers members of his immediate and expanded family, which includes friends, colleagues and employees of Alderson Commercial Group. Fittingly, in celebration of his gift, the connecting walkway between Community Hospital North and the new Community Cancer Center North, currently under construction, will be named the Alderson Family Bridge of Life.

“When individuals are diagnosed with cancer, each family member’s life is disrupted,” said Alderson, whose father passed away from a cancer-like illness in 2007. “My reason for making this gift is to help make it easier for more patients and their families to get through this challenging time. Giving back is the only way I can understand the blessings I’ve been given, and I’m honored to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of oncology patients across Central Indiana.”

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