Store medications safely at home

How to Safely Store Medications

Do you know where to store your medications in your home? Not only does proper medication storage ensure your medications stay effective, but it also prevents accidents and abuse of prescription drugs.

Medications are best stored somewhere cool and dry. Try storing them in a safe place in the bedroom or the kitchen (but not above your oven). Avoid leaving them in a hot car or in the bathroom. The heat and humidity in these two places can alter the way a medication works.

It’s also important to lock medications out of a child's reach. Use a cabinet or drawer with a lock and key. 

Keep medications labeled and in the original bottle, and avoid mixing multiple medications in one bottle. Have good lighting near where your medications are stored to ensure you read the label properly. Expired medications can be dangerous or ineffective for a person to use.

Clean out your medicine cabinet once every six months to ensure all your medications are current. If your medication has altered in appearance or has a new odor do not use it!

Not sure if your medication is expired?

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