New mom exercising

6 healthy ways to lose baby weight

For many women, getting back in shape after baby is born is a high priority. Experts remind mothers that slow and steady is the healthy way to approach losing baby weight.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers these suggestions:

  1. Give your body at least a month to recover from childbirth before you try to lose weight.
  2. Never skip meals. Focus on eating nutrient-rich, healthy foods instead of counting calories.
  3. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day and even more if breastfeeding. 
  4. Eat at least 4 1/2 cups of fruit and vegetables each day.
  5. Eat healthy, protein-packed snacks during the day.
  6. Slowly work your way back to a regular exercise routine, and avoid any fad diets that purport to make you lose weight quickly.

For more suggestions on how to lose weight you may have gained during pregnancy, contact your OB/GYN or primary care physician