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Is your cell phone to blame for your neck pain?

From 'blackberry thumb' to 'texting neck', how you use your cell phone might be the culprit for your aches and pains. 

A new study reveals that bending over a phone or mobile device puts significant stress on your spine. An average adult head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds when it is in a neutral position. But when you tilt your head forward, the force it exerts on the neck increases. When your head is tilted by just 60 degrees, you can add 60 pounds of weight on your spine and neck - ouch!

"Sitting or standing with your head down while texting can irritate the joints in your neck and cause pain," said Genevieve Davis, a physical therapist at Community Spine Center.

But according to Davis, a simple, yet overlooked, intervention could help keep that pain at bay.

"Be aware of your sitting posture and neck position by keeping your chest up and your head over your shoulders while working on your cellular device - you can use your eyes to look down to take some strain off of your neck," said Davis. "Also, interrupt extended screen time by getting up and moving around." 

Davis also reminds individuals not to ignore any pain they are experiencing. 

"Pain is your natural ‘check engine’ light to the body to fix something before things get worse," she said. "It’s not the phone’s fault after all; it is your body’s position while you use it. So, stop ignoring the indicator light and sit/stand up straight."

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