Seniors traveling on bus, doing crossword

Tips to keep your brain sharp as you age

Can't seem to remember where you parked you car as quickly as you once could? As you age, you can experience a decline in your memory and general brain health. But, a healthy lifestyle can help keep your brain sharp as you age, preventing cognitive decline.

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet and maintain a healthy body weight. 
  • Get regular exercise, aiming for 30 minutes of exercise, at least five days per week. 
  • Join a club, play a sport, volunteer or visit frequently with friends. 
  • Read frequently, work puzzles and play memory games.

Addressing other areas of your physical health is also important. 

"It's imperative that you treat any sensory deficits, such as hearing or vision problems, as you grow older," said Dr. Azita Chehresa, geriatrician at Community Physician Network. "When your senses decline, it can have an adverse affect on your mental health." 

The longer you wait to address what can often be perceived as a minor health issue, the greater toll it will take on your overall health as you age.

Simply put, taking extra care of your brain and body as you grow older is a smart idea.

Healthy Aging Transition Services

Community Touchpoint's HATS outpatient clinic provides comprehensive assessments of common issues related to aging, such as memory problems or falls. Visit HATS Clinic online to learn more, or call 317-621-4657.