Mom exercising at home with baby

The short but sweet workout

We should actually call this workout short, but sweat. Some days there just isn't enough time to spend an hour at the gym. We get it. Instead you can customize your own at-home 30-minute exercise routine.

  • Warm up by doing five to 10 minutes of running in place and jumping jacks. 
  • Combine three lower body workouts (lungessquats, knee to chest jumps, etc.) and three upper body workouts (push-ups, chair dips, lateral raises, frontal raises, etc.) together. 
  • Do one set of 10 to 15 reps of each of your selected lower and upper body workouts. 
  • In between sets do 50 jumping jacks, and repeat until you have reached 30-minute mark. 
  • Cool down with stretching, holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds.

Now, wasn't that easy? 

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