Senior man tying sneakers

Shoe-Buying Tips for Seniors

Providing proper support for your feet is important, especially as you age. The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests these shoe-buying tips for seniors:

  • Squeeze both sides of the heel to make sure it doesn't collapse.
  • Check for appropriate flexibility in the toe box, and make sure the shoe doesn't twist in the middle.
  • Each time you go shopping, measure your feet. Also, shop late in the day and shop for the size that fits your largest foot. 
  • Pack a pair of socks to try on with the shoes.
  • Don't buy shoes that aren't immediately comfortable or steady.
  • Talk to a podiatrist about the best shoes for any specific foot problems.

Dr. Kenneth Stumpf, foot doctorDr. Kenneth Stumpf, podiatrist with Community Physician Network, encourages seniors to consider buying running shoes.

"Running shoes are typically made with even more shock absorption and cushion than a traditional walking shoe," Stumpf said. "Consider purchasing a running shoe from a specialty running store to put more spring in your step!"

Remember, foot pain is not normal, so if you are experiencing any, contact Dr. Stumpf at 317-843-2613 or request an appointment online.