Man with knee pain

Saving your knees

Age is just a number, but while you may feel young at heart, your body may tell a different story. Words such as arthritis, stiffness or aching may enter your vocabulary.

If arthritis pain has you down, you may suffer in silence, thinking that total knee replacement is your only option. But thanks to advances in joint replacement, Community has answers for you.

Partial knee replacements

When appropriate, the skilled surgeons at Community can perform a partial, or "unicondylar," knee replacement, replacing only the damaged portion of the joint.

One such procedure being done at Community Surgery Center East - Biomet's Oxford® Partial Knee - promises not only shortened or avoided hospital stays and an easier recovery, but a lifetime warranty, as well.

Dr. Ed Todderud, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and medical director for the Center for Joint Health at Community Hospital East, performed nearly 40 partial knee procedures in 2013, and expects that number to rise in 2014.

"Basically, if a person's knee isn't completely worn out, we're replacing just part of it, keeping up to 75 percent of the healthy knee, compared to a total knee replacement," he explains. "The Oxford procedure is very good for older patients because it's a lot less surgery and easier to get over if there's not too much arthritis."

When to consider surgery

If you have limited ability to walk, inability to get in or out of a chair, bowing of the knee or moderate to severe pain when resting, it's time.

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