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Fuel feature: Nick Jones

Nick Jones was recalled to the AHL's Worcester Sharks on November 25 and returned to the Fuel on Monday, December 8.

How do professional hockey players stay active off the ice? How do they prepare for a game?

We sat down with Nick Jones, defenseman for the Indy Fuel, to get answers to some of our burning questions. 

At what age did you start playing hockey?
I started playing at age three.

How do you stay active off the ice?
I do a lot of training at the gym, running and playing other sports like basketball, baseball and tennis.

What do you like to do on your days off? 
I relax and catch up on TV shows on Netflix like Sons of Anarchy or House of Cards. 

Is there something people may not know about you?
My father is currently a pilot for U.S. Airways and my grandfather is a retired pilot. My two uncles are also pilots; one is a pilot for the Navy and the other is a private pilot in Los Angeles.

What is your favorite song?
Yeah by Joe Nichols, I'm a big country fan.

Mighty Ducks or Miracle? 
Mighty Ducks.

As a professional athlete it’s important to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. What does your diet consist of?
My diet is a well-rounded one. I focus a lot on eating protein, vegetables and fruit. Not to mention, I drink a lot of water.

What is your favorite 'healthy' meal?
Salmon or steak with a sweet potato.

How do you prepare for game day? Any rituals?
I always start with a healthy breakfast, followed by a morning skate to get the legs going. Then, I typically take a nap to recharge.

How does have a designated sports medicine team benefit you as a player?
Because hockey is such a physical sport it’s always great to have somebody there to take a look at bumps, bruises or anything serious. That way they can quickly treat the injury and I can get back on the ice.

Hockey is an aggressive sport. Why is important for young players to wear proper equipment and report injuries to their coach/athletic trainer?
Being injured hinders your performance on the ice. Ignoring an injury and playing on it could lead to an even more serious injury. If you don’t say anything about your injury immediately, something that could have taken you out for a week could end up taking you out for a month or a year. It’s extremely important to take your health seriously and report any injury.

What is currently in your locker?
Shower sandals and a warm-up jacket.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young hockey player what would it be?
Go out there and have fun!

What are you looking forward to the most about the fuel inaugural season?
Being part of history is great. Observing the excitement and passion of the fans are is definitely cool. 

As the official sports medicine provider to the Indy Fuel, Community Sports Medicine physicians and athletic trainers provide medical support during the Indy Fuel’s games at the Fairgrounds Coliseum, and players have access to training facilities at Community Healthplex. We check 'em so they can check 'em!