Summer sandals at beach

Foot Notes: Summer Feet Tips

Dr. Kenneth Stumpf, foot doctorBefore you slide on the flip-flops or strap on the water skis, Dr. Kenneth Stumpf, podiatrist with Community Physician Network, shares a few reminders about keeping your feet happy during the summer.

  • Foot and ankle injuries are extremely common while participating in water sports. Enjoy the sun and water, but wear all proper safety gear and equipment. If you think you may have suffered an injury, contact a podiatrist.
  • Although walking on the beach barefoot may feel good, excessive walking and running barefoot can cause pain, tendonitis and possible stress fractures. Enjoy the summer pain-free and remember to protect your feet with footwear that provides adequate support.
  • Wear sandals or shoes around pools and public showers in the summer. Protecting your feet can help prevent athlete‚Äôs foot and warts caused by viruses.
  • When putting sunscreen on in the summer, remember your feet! The tops and bottoms of your feet are easily forgotten and can burn if not cared for properly.

If you would like more information or have any foot and ankle questions or concerns, please call 317-843-2613.