Heart-healthy foods

20 Foods Your Heart Loves

A wide variety of foods are needed to create a heart-healthy diet. Often times we look for that one magic food, but omega-3 fats and oatmeal won't give you all of nutrients you need. So we're giving you 20 foods to incorporate into your diet.

All of the listed foods are top-performers in protecting your heart and blood vessels.

  1. Salmon - Grill salmon with a yummy rub or marinade. Chop into a pasta or salad. 
  2. Flaxseed - Ground flaxseed hides easily in yogurt parfaits or homemade muffins. 
  3. Oatmeal - Top hot oatmeal with fresh berries.
  4. Black Beans - Give soup or salad a nutrient boost by stirring in some beans. 
  5. Nuts - Mix a few almonds into low-fat yogurt or sprinkle on a salad. 
  6. Red Wine - Toast your good health! But stick to one glass per day.
  7. Tuna - Lightly dressed in greek yogurt, tuna salad can be a healthy lunch. 
  8. Tofu - Thinly slice "firm" tofu, marinate for several hours and grill. 
  9. Brown Rice - Microwavable brown rice makes a quick lunch.  
  10. Soy Milk - Soy milk is great over oatmeal or whole-grain cereal.  
  11. Blueberries - Great for trail mixes, muffins and salads! 
  12. Carrots - Baby carrots are sweet for lunch.
  13. Spinach - Pick spinach (not lettuce) for nutrient-packed salads and sandwiches. 
  14. Sweet Potato - Eat a baked sweet potato for dinner, but go light on the butter. 
  15. Red Bell Peppers - Rub with olive oil, and grill or oven-roast until tender.
  16. Asparagus - Grill or steam slightly, then dress with olive oil and lemon.
  17. Oranges - Try freshly squeezed OJ in the morning.
  18. Tomatoes - For a flavor twist, try oil-packed tomatoes in sandwiches or salads. 
  19. Cantaloupe - A fragrant ripe cantaloupe is perfect for breakfast or lunch.
  20. Dark Chocolate - Choose chocolate with 70 percent or higher cocoa content.

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