Veggies on forks

10 ways to eat more fruits and veggies

Fresh fruits and vegetables have many health benefits. And as the season of farmer's markets and fresh produce approaches, here are 10 easy ways to enjoy more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Order or make a veggie pizza. Try broccoli, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, etc.
  2. Try crunchy vegetables with your favorite dips instead of chips.
  3. Grill colorful vegetable kabobs or add them to your chicken or steak kabobs.
  4. Add cooked vegetables to your stews, soups or pasta sauces. If you cut them small enough, you won’t even know they’re there.
  5. Stock your freezer with frozen vegetables to steam or stir-fry for a side dish.
  6. Add fruits and vegetables to your favorite smoothie recipe. If you ignore the green color, you won’t even notice a difference.
  7. Place colorful fruit in a bowl where everyone can easily grab something on-the-go.
  8. Add pineapple to your grilled kabobs or pizzas.
  9. Add bananas, strawberries or blueberries to your homemade pancakes. 
  10. Dip apple slices in peanut butter.

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