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We met our goal - thank you!

The sixth annual Community Chefs event was held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at the Anderson Country Club at 5:30 p.m. The event featured 60 men from the community, each offering a unique dish for attendees to sample. Thanks to everyone who supported the chefs, we surpassed our goal and raised $102,000!


Community Chefs has raised $312,581 for the Community Hospital Anderson Foundation over the past five years. The event has benefited multiple causes. This year the proceeds will benefit the following causes:

School Nurses' Funds

Several years ago, the Community Hospital Anderson Foundation initiated a discretionary nurses' fund for each public school in Madison County. With these funds, nurses at each school are able to purchase items for the medical needs of the students whose families might not be able to afford it, such as new glasses, an inhaler or even something as simple as clean underwear and socks.

Oncology Patients

Community Hospital Anderson provides state-of-the-art cancer treatment to our patients here in Madison County. However, our commitment to our patients extends beyond their medical care. A cancer diagnosis can be devastating to a patient and family. The Community Hospital Anderson Foundation has established a fund that can be used to help care for some of these families' extra needs that may arise as a result of the cancer diagnosis. This can mean anything from purchasing a wig for a patient to paying the patient's utility bills when he/she has been unable to work.

Community Farm

The farm at Community Hospital Anderson includes a diversified vegetable farm located on the hospital campus with the purpose of supplying fresh, wholesome vegetables to the hospital food service team and the community at large. The first phase of the farm was implemented in the spring and summer of 2018 with plans to continually expand the project in the years to come.

Meet the Chefs!

  • Jeremy Adams
  • Sam Bannon - Butler University Student
  • Kyle Barrentine - Anderson Community Schools
  • Greg Bramwell - STAR Financial Bank
  • Justin Busick - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dave Cravens - Anderson Fire Department
  • Eric Davis - Anderson Community Schools
  • Scott Deetz - Madison-Grant United Schools
  • Brandon DeHart - South Madison School Corporation
  • Trent Dowling - Star Financial Bank
  • Mark Dudley - Madison County Circuit Court 6 Judge
  • Bobby Fields - Frankton-Lapel Community Schools
  • Brian Frazier - Frazier's Dairy Maid
  • Brandon Fuller - Donahue Gas
  • Ben Gale - Sinewave Audio
  • Ryan Glaze - Anderson Community Schools
  • Matt Goen - Anderson Community Schools
  • Greg Granger - Frankton-Lapel Schools
  • Matt Hensley - Alexandria Community Schools
  • Andrew Hopper - Madison County Judge
  • Phil King - Anderson Community Schools
  • Derek Madinger - Madinger Management, LLC
  • Tom Magee - Classic Organs of Indiana
  • Ron Mills - Community Hospital Anderson
  • Kevin Montgomery - krM Architecture
  • Jimmy Morehead - Frankton-Lapel Community Schools
  • Art Pepelea - White Oaks Estate Planning
  • Bill Price - Community Hospital Anderson
  • David Retherford - Elwood Community Schools
  • David Renz - Retired
  • Jack Robinson - Retired
  • Ted Rutowski - Elwood Community Schools
  • Jack Schaefer - Community Northview Care Center
  • Mike Schuck - Madison-Grant United Schools
  • Eric Scott - Open Gate Design & Décor
  • David Sherrell - Retired
  • Charles Shumate - Sears Hometown Store
  • Tim Smith - Anderson Community Schools
  • Rick Sowers - Anderson Symphony Orchestra
  • Jack Surface - Midas
  • Keith Trent - Retired, Community Hospital Foundation
  • Scott Underwood - The Herald Bulletin
  • Quang Vinh - Community Hospital Anderson
  • Warren Warren - Anderson Police Department
  • Bill Watson - The Pittt
  • Dirk Webb - Madison County Chamber
  • Eli Whitesel - Community Hospital Anderson
  • Jim Willey - Ivy Tech Anderson
  • Bryan Williams - Attorney
  • Charlie Williams, MD - Community Hospital Anderson
  • Shaun Wilson - Instruct Digital

Past Event Highlights

Click on the left to watch video highlights of the Community Chefs event, meet some of the chefs and see the food! Below, take a quick look at our past people's choice award winners. If it all looks mouthwatering and you can't wait to try your favorite chef's bites, buy your tickets today!


Thank you to our sponsors, without whose generous support this event would not be possible.

Presenting Sponsors

Community Hospital Anderson
W.R. Dunkin & Sons, Inc.

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Community Health Network

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Community Hospital Anderson Auxiliary
Community Hospital Anderson Medical Staff
Gaither Music
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Anderson Madison County Visitors Bureau
Herald Bulletin

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Garland & Sharon Antrim
George & Nancy Likens

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Anderson Madison County Visitors Bureau
Community Long-Term Care
First Merchants Bank
krM Architecture

Award Sponsors

Broadway Press
City of Anderson
Edgewater Woods
Jane Pauley Community Health Center, Inc.
Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory

Chef's Meal Sponsors

Countryside Health & Living
E & B Paving
Gary & Beth Erskine
J.P. Kane & Co., LLC
LAMPCO Federal Credit Union
Majestic Productions
McFarling Foods
Nugent Electric
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Pam Shoot
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For questions or more information, please contact Tom Bannon, Vice President/Chief Foundation Officer of the Community Hospital Anderson Foundation.

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