Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) refers to the delivery of prehospital care to injured and ill patients. This care is provided through our affiliated agencies that provide both advanced life support and basic life support. We offer EMT and paramedic continuing education, and skill refresher courses. For more information about educational opportunities, please call 317-355-2434.

As a certified supervising hospital and training institution, Community Health Network supervises EMS/fire agencies in Marion, Hamilton and Johnson counties providing medical direction and educational opportunities with the expertise of our EMS educational staff and two talented and dedicated physicians acting as medical directors.

Community Health Network offers EMS education programs for EMTs/paramedics to our affiliated providers as well as the general public. By offering both initial training and continuing education Community Health Network helps affiliated providers fulfill all requirements set forth by the Indiana EMS Commission and National DOT standards.


Year ending: 2017

NREMT/State Written Exam: 100%
Retention: 56%
Positive (Job) Placement: 100%