Family Medicine Center

Patients first: All your care starts here.

At the Community Hospital East Family Medicine Residency program, we consider the Family Medicine Center to be the most important part of your educational experience with us. The day you begin your residency you become a partner in our practice, and assume the role of being a primary care physician to a panel of patients.

Family Medicine Center

In our PCMH curriculum, your time in the FMC is a top priority. Our goal is to have you seeing your patients in the FMC nearly every day throughout the three years of residency. You are available to your patients for acute medical issues, chronic disease management and for preventive health issues on a regular basis. Your daily presence in the FMC allows you to integrate into the PCMH team, working side by side with your physician team members, pharmacists, social workers, nurses, medical assistants and our other office staff.

Our philosophy at the FMC is to take care of the patient first and foremost. Our PCMH transformation involves the following eight areas that have been highlighted by our national PCMH consultant, TransforMED:

  • Access to care and information: With Community CareConnect integrating our health network on Epic’s electronic health record, patients now have online access to their medical chart and lab results via MyChart. Our patient-oriented FMC website has educational resources for patients as well.
  • Practice-based services: We are fortunate to have a variety of specialized services available to our patients in the FMC. A podiatrist and a psychiatrist are available weekly in our office so our patients can access needed services under one roof. Our own providers also offer specialized clinics in Osteopathic Manipulation, Primary Care Procedures, Sports Medicine and Pharmacy Services. A nutritionist is available to provide our patients with dietary counseling, and we have social workers on site daily for therapy, crisis management and coordination of care.
  • Care management: Our RNs are trained to serve in the role of Care Managers. This important role enables them to spearhead quality improvement efforts, conduct pre-visit chart reviews and order necessary labs prior to the visit. Proactive population health management that is outcome-driven is an important piece of the care provided by our office.
  • Care coordination: With Epic as our EHR, our office has access to all of our patients’ medical records from visits to Community Health Network specialists and to the emergency department or hospital. Our providers and care managers are then able to coordinate care for our patients using the most up-to-date health information on our patients.
  • Practice-based team care: Team-based care is the way care is delivered in the primary care setting now and in the future. Physicians no longer work “alone” but have a team of individuals (care managers, social workers, pharmacists, nurse practitioners) who assist them in caring for their patients. We strive to work as a team to make sure we are doing the best for our patients every day.
  • Health information technology: Community Health Network is consistently ranked among the most integrated health networks, and the CareConnect (Epic) implementation in 2012 has taken this integration to a higher level.
  • Practice management: Our office is different because it is the home for a residency program, and we have learners as providers. However, even though we are different in some areas, we strive to manage our office as well as any other primary care office in our health network. We want you to understand the principles of managing a high-functioning practice so that your transition into a future practice is as seamless as possible.

As the family physicians of the future, our program understands that the skills and experiences we expose you to in the FMC are those necessary to enter and lead a Patient Centered Medical Home upon your graduation. We welcome you as a member of our Patient Centered Medical Home!