Training and Classes


CultureVisionIn 2008, the network began offering access to CultureVision software that gives employees across the network instant access to a wealth of information about different global cultures—information that is helpful in understanding the needs of patients of different cultures.

If you are a Community Health Network employee, you may access CultureVision through InComm.

Diversity: Focus on the customer, focus on each other

Increase your cultural awareness, knowledge and skills based on your own assumptions. Help better understand the impact of culture on the behavior of people and organizations. Employees may register through MyLearning.

Objectives of this course include:

  • Examine how diversity contributes to richness in the organization.
  • Learn how to apply a variety of views, approaches and actions to problem solving and decision-making.
  • Increase awareness and identify tools that enhance interactions when serving various customers of different cultures.

Managing, working and interacting with four generations

As a manager, are you ready for the biggest workforce shift in 100 years? Working alongside people from four different generations can be challenging when they don’t think or work the way you do. Employees may register through MyLearning.

Objectives of this course include:

  • Identify the various generational, personal, ad workplace characteristics.
  • Learn how to identify generational differences.
  • Improve your workplace relations by building more effective work teams and by understanding the differences of the four generations.