Joint Replacement

Relieve pain and restore mobility with hip or knee joint replacement.

When arthritis causes pain in your knee or hip and other therapies don’t help, you may have to consider total joint replacement. 

Total joint replacement is major inpatient surgery performed under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will remove the damaged natural joint and replace it with a prosthesis. The materials used in joint replacement vary and are recommended according to each individual’s needs so that the affected joint moves just like a normal joint. We perform our surgeries in operating suites with advanced technology for improved accuracy.

Interact with others who’ve experienced joint replacement surgery.

We also take part in the Center for Joint Health at Community Health Network. Each hospital campus has a dedicated joint replacement unit and joint care coordinator. You and your family members can interact with others who have undergone joint replacement surgery, learn more about what to expect and better prepare for the challenges ahead.

Minimize hospital stays and shorten recovery with partial knee replacement.

When appropriate, our skilled surgeons also perform partial, or “unicondylar,” knee replacement, replacing only the damaged portion of the joint. This lets qualified patients shorten or avoid hospital stays and eases recoveries.

Easing your discomfort after hip or knee replacement.

We’ll do everything possible to keep you comfortable after surgery, including pain medication and physical therapy to control pain after a hip or knee replacement. Knee replacement patients can receive a nerve block to dramatically reduce their pain after their procedure.

Personalized follow-up care for a smoother recovery.

You will begin walking the day after surgery, usually starting with a walker. You may experience temporary pain in the replacement joint, but this generally improves in a few weeks.

Learn more about joint pain and replacement

Explore our orthopedic health library for more information about symptoms and management of arthritis, and joint replacement surgery options. Note: Pages will open in a new window.

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