Our Approach

Innovation is woven into Community’s strategic plan, and is the center of our values. In fact, it is so important to us that we created Community Launchpad, an innovation incubator that serves as the channel to cultivate promising solutions that meet and create needs for our patients. Community Launchpad is a resource for Community physicians, nurses, employees and other collaborators to explore the feasibility of innovative ideas. It is a place where entrepreneurship is fostered, and partnerships with universities, small entrepreneurs, life sciences, and corporate America are born.

Centered on a strong core purpose, Community Launchpad applies a corporate approach to healthcare innovation. The focus of Community Launchpad is to think boldly…but with a sense of urgency. It won’t be business as usual…but business with a sense of entrepreneurial spirit…to embrace uncertainty…and to make a difference through big ideas.

The four key principles for guiding the innovative activity of Community Launchpad are:

  1. Accelerator - Investments in solutions providing strategic value and financial returns to reinvest in future innovations
  2. Solutions - Supports the mission and values of the network by seeking innovations to improve clinical or administrative operations
  3. Foundry - Programs for employees to source high potential business opportunities and monetize intellectual property
  4. Alliances - Platform to connect leading organizations and entrepreneurs to leverage win-win partnerships

Contact Us

To learn more about Launchpad's approach to healthcare innovation, please email launchpad@eCommunity.com.