Innovation Competition

Community Launchpad ignites home grown innovations with inaugural innovation competition

Community Launchpad, the innovation accelerator of Community Health Network, conducted a breakthrough innovation competition for all Network employees that sparked 800 ideas in three weeks. The competition, created on a whiteboard by the Launchpad team, incentivized and empowered employees to think innovatively and develop patient-centered solutions to some of healthcare’s most pressing issues.

Nine semi-finalists and their managers were honored on stage at an electrifying awards ceremony in front of 1,000 Network leaders. The semifinalists will now participate in Launchpad’s business incubation program, allowing them to act and think like entrepreneurs with the hope of commercializing their inventions. The balance of the ideas will be communicated across the network to drive operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

The competition was fueled by a grant from Community Health Network Foundation’s Allen Hicks Innovation Fund.

How we did it

Curious how the Innovation Competition started? Watch this video to learn about our concept, how employees submitted their ideas, how we selected the semi-finalists, and more.

Brandy's Big Idea

Brandy Gordon-Smith, RN, had always been an idea person. She had pages of ideas that she had come up with over the years, but she felt discouraged not knowing how to make those ideas a reality. When she heard about Community’s Launchpad Innovation Competition in 2014, she didn’t hesitate to submit one of those ideas — a mobile workstation, called Elevation Station, for home care clinicians.

Some of our winners

These employees represented some of the most innovative ideas in the competition, all focused on improving the healthcare experience at Community.

Innovation Competition winners Innovation Competition winners Innovation Competition winners
Innovation Competition winners Innovation Competition winners Innovation Competition winners