Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

A woman visited the Community Hospital East Emergency Department showing signs of domestic violence. The physician on duty, upon completing his examination of her, gave her the phone number for the Center of Hope, as a nurse was not available that day.

Center of Hope helps victims of domestic abuse

The next day, the patient returned for an interview with a Center of Hope nurse. The nurse learned the woman’s husband had tied a cord around her neck in an attempt to strangle her. He had filled their bathtub with water and held her under, trying to drown her. Then, he tried to hang himself.

The forensic nurse took action and discovered the case number for the woman’s assault. She called law enforcement and tracked down the detective on the case. Upon learning the patient’s husband was expected to be released that day, the nurse called the prosecutor to provide additional testimony in order to keep him in jail longer—and away from her patient.

This is but one example of the life-saving, behind-the-scenes work happening at Community’s Center of Hope. Will you help ensure this kind of care is available to more patients at Community?

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