Women's Initiatives

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Center of Hope

Offers life-changing, specialized care to victims of violence, abuse and neglect.

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Addiction Programs

Helps more mothers with substance use disorder and babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome get the help they need to lead healthy lives.

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B.A.B.E. Store

Allows low-income mothers to earn items needed to care for a child.

Standing With Women to Improve Health

From victims of abuse to new mothers and those battling addiction, Community is implementing programs for women focused on providing the compassionate, competent and convenient care they need, when they need it – right here at Community.

  • Community’s Center of Hope provides forensic nursing services for victims of violence, abuse and neglect. Additional donor support will help to replicate this program and provide care for victims 24/7 throughout all of Community’s regions of care. Simultaneously, donors to the Foundation support a fund that provides free medication to victims of sexual assault in order to help prevent the contraction of HIV.
  • The formula we are implementing at Community is no formula at all – breastfeeding is best. In fact, raising awareness of its importance is critical in reducing Indiana’s infant mortality rate, ranked 7th worst in the nation in 2016. That’s why Community, with the help of donors, provides breastfeeding education to all caregivers who may encounter a mother and her infant at our sites of care, an effort that positively impacts the approximately 8,000 women and infants who entrust their delivery experience to Community.
  • One in five babies born at a Community Health Network hospital has been exposed to drugs or prescription medication while in the womb. In 2015, Community Hospital East became one of four hospitals statewide tasked by the Indiana State Department of Health with piloting a program – supported by Community’s donors – to identify and treat pregnant mothers so they recover and deliver babies free from the presence of drugs and lead healthy lives. Today, there are 27 hospitals in the state using Community’s finding and those of other front-runners. In 2018, the State awarded Community a $550,000 grant that will expand the reach and effectiveness of the effort through continuing education, additional staff and improved data collection to better detail outcomes and more.
  • With thousands of babies taking their first breath at a Community hospital, our commitment is to help women have the resources and information necessary to deliver and raise a healthy child. With that in mind, Community Hospital East operates a B.A.B.E. store that offers responsible parenting classes and prenatal visits to help low-income mothers earn items needed to care for and raise a child. From car seats to cribs and everything in between, Community is helping to ensure more children have the opportunity for good health.

Mandy's Story

After Mandy was sexually assaulted near her home, she went to the Community East Emergency Room and was connected to Tamera, a forensic nurse examiner at the Center of Hope. Tamera tended to Mandy with compassion and collected detailed evidence that was later used to convict Mandy's assailant.

Will you help ensure life-saving care is available for women in your community?

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