Behavioral Health

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Zero Suicide

Community aims to reduce suicide among youth and teens through public awareness campaigns, partnerships, and by providing resources for at-risk youth.

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Play Therapy

Play therapy will help more children who have experienced grief, sorrow or trauma express their feelings in their most natural language – play.

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Community Integration

Financial aid and community integration activities for adults living with serious mental illness.

Supporting Behavioral Health

Community Health Network offers the most comprehensive behavioral healthcare system in Indiana—including inpatient and outpatient services for all ages and levels of care. Donors to the Foundation support a wide array of services to improve behavioral and mental health across Central Indiana.

  • In Indiana, 19.8 percent of high school students have seriously considered attempting suicide. Community’s Zero Suicide Initiative has the bold and aspirational goal of saving Hoosier lives specifically through early intervention and prevention, the reliance upon Central Indiana’s robust crisis network and the utilization of innovative mental health screening and treatment protocols.
  • With the support of donors, Community’s school-based therapists and life skills clinicians embedded in more than 100 local public and charter schools assist children and their families with crisis intervention, behavioral therapy and more. In addition, Community’s website offers resources for teens, young adults, parents and educators; a text-to-help service connects users with a trained mental health responder and a suicide public awareness partnership with WTHR aims to help more young people and their parents understand how to choose health and hope.
  • Children who have experienced grief, sorrow or trauma often don’t have the words to explain. Techniques implemented through play therapy include sand trays, coloring, hand puppets and dress-up clothes allow children to draw or act out their thoughts in a way relatable to them in order to begin the healing process. With the support of donors, Community helped 25 staff members to become registered play therapists—more than doubling the current number in the entire state of Indiana.
  • For adults facing serious mental illness, Community’s donor support cultural community integration activities and financial aid to assist with basic needs, education and training.

Starting the Conversation

When Amy* opened an email aimed at raising awareness about suicide prevention in Indiana, she made a point to talk to her 13-year-old daughter about its contents. As a result, it sparked a conversation about suicide between them, and she was able to share more information and resources, including, with her.

You can support suicide prevention and mental health programs in your community.

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