Support Behavioral Health

image of three teenagers with text overlay

Behavioral health isn’t always transparent.

In Indiana, more people die every year by suicide than by homicide, and the overall rate of suicide continues to dramatically climb. These are statistics are unthinkable, but they are not unchangeable


Community Health Network is committed to combating this health crisis in part through our Zero Suicide Initiative, a courageous and aspirational plan to save the lives of our fellow Hoosiers.

As a supporter of this work, you make possible education, resources and programs that fight the stigma associated with mental health and help to save lives.

image of woman looking out window. Text on graphic is a quote from suicide survivor Judy, which reads, "Community helped me find the roadmap to getting healthy and figuring out who I am. And I am a wonderful person who is happy to be alive."

As the state’s largest provider of behavioral health services, Community stands at the ready to serve patients like Judy and help them on a path to healing.


image is of a therapist talking to a teenager. Text on image reads, "19.8% of Indiana high school students have seriously considered suicide."

Community’s provides suicide prevention resources and facts for teens, young adults, parents and educators. It is one of the several ways Community strives to inspire more Hoosiers to start more conversations about suicide and seek help when needed.


Help us aim to reduce suicide to zero.



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