Cancer Initiatives

Bills and expenses
Patient Assistance Fund

Offers financial assistance to cancer patients fighting to overcome financial barriers to basic needs such as food, transportation and medicine.

Nurse Navigators

Provide cancer patients and their families with a nurse who acts as a guide, advocate and liaison throughout the cancer journey.

Survivor ribbon
Integrative Oncology

Programs that help to heal and nurture the soul of cancer patients with art therapy, yoga, massage and more.

Supporting Oncology Programs

Community’s comprehensive, integrated oncology programs are providing compassionate and expert care to cancer fighters. Donors to the Foundation fund programs that help to alleviate the financial and emotional hardship that cancer can cause or exacerbate.

  • Holistic integrative oncology programs such as yoga, massage, art therapy and tai chi are being implemented across Community’s regions of care, thanks in large part to a generous donation from local business owner Tony Alderson. With more support, these pilot programs can evolve, becoming world-class examples throughout Community’s six Central Indiana regions of care.
  • Imagine a breast screening and prevention program that touches and benefits the underserved and high-risk population within Central Indiana. Thanks to the generosity of donors, free mammograms and breast health education and outreach programs will expand the accessibility of healthcare services for women who need them most. 
  • As if learning you have cancer isn’t devastating enough, consider what it feels like to also learn you will not be able to have children after treatment. Community’s Fertility Preservation Assistance Fund supports a pilot program that will provide support to those of child-bearing age whose diagnosis of cancer and subsequent treatment may compromise their ability to conceive. Funding will supplement fertility planning prior to cancer treatments for those unable to pay for the services in whole by themselves—while also proving that cancer can’t stop your dreams.
  • Cancer is a struggle for everyone, but it is compounded for those already struggling to access basic needs. That’s why donors to the Foundation launched the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund, which offers $250 vouchers to cancer patients to help them afford healthy food, life-saving medicine and gas to get to and from treatment.  
  • Funding for these vouchers is raised in large part to our annual event, The Giving Gig, which brings together more than 1,000 donors in support of cancer patients in financial need. In 2016, the Foundation also received a major gift toward this Fund from a group of managing partners and investors that comprise Rama Drive Realty. Our ultimate goal is to raise $5 million to establish a self-sustaining endowment that would alleviate financial challenges for our cancer patients—forever.

Courtney's Story: Swinging Fore a Cause

In 2012, Courtney Larson, a Community nurse working in the maternity department, discovered a lump in her breast. She quickly received a breast cancer diagnosis and soon began chemotherapy, followed by surgery and radiation therapy. Through it all, she couldn't believe the level of care she received from her cancer care team.

One night, she had an idea for a fundraiser to assist women with breast cancer at Community - combined with her love for golf. Together with the Community Health Network Foundation, she created Swinging Fore a Cause. The first year, in 2012, they raised more than $20,000 to help uninsured or under-insured women battling breast cancer.

Today, Courtney is cancer free and still working as a nurse at Community - and Swinging Fore a Cause has raised over $100,000 for Community’s breast cancer patients. To continue to give back to women, she also established the Larson Family and Friends endowment so that generous members of the community can continue to support women for years to come.

You can help support cancer patients throughout their journey.

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