Health Promotion

With over twenty years experience providing comprehensive health solutions to corporations, we are uniquely positioned to help employers create a wellness culture that lowers costs and increases productivity. Our work-site services focus on the health of individuals, families and the organization as a whole and offer more programs under one umbrella than any other wellness provider in Indiana.

Community Employer Health's experts can counsel you to design a strategic wellness program delivered in your workplace that best meets your needs, goals, culture and budget.

To learn more about our health promotion services for the workplace, please call 877-445-2584.

Wellness Services

Our health promotion experts can counsel you to design a strategic wellness program that best meets your needs, goals, culture and budget. To learn more, please call us at 317-621-WELL (9355).

Healthy Living Programs

Available programs include employee health screenings, health coaching, nutrition consultation, smoking cessation program, exercise/fitness programs and more. 

Ergonomic assessments

This training is designed to help employees understand ergonomic concepts, personal and occupational risk factors, and the difference between a task analysis and ergonomic job analysis. We will show participants how to use the concepts by engaging them in hands-on practical learning.

Fitness, exercise and movement

Custom fitness programs

Our Certified Fitness Specialists supply custom fitness programs to help participants improve their health through exercise. Individuals begin with a full fitness exam and work toward appropriate fitness goals. When combined with health coaching, this program is particularly effective for those who need help staying accountable for their goals and making proper adjustments when necessary.

Fitness classes

We bring the gym to you with our fitness classes: Total Body Conditioning & Training, Intense Intervals, Boot Camp, Total Body Strength Training, Bodyweight Training, Super Circuit and more.

Walking groups

A great way to be active during your workday with some accountability! Walking groups are organized by your Health Coach for time (20 minutes) location, distance, and pace that works best for your company.

Wellness program/tracker

Community's online wellness tracker helps employees get healthy, stay healthy and get rewarded for their efforts while doing so! Employees can sync up their own fitness tracking devices and earn points through challenges for incentives.

Health coaching

Our health coaches offer confidential support for participants to make improvements their health and well-being. Focusing on goals and management of nutrition, fitness, weight, stress, sleep, and motivation and barriers to change, coaching offers a collaborative and supportive process that helps each individual set appropriate goals, formulate a unique plan, and stay accountable. Health coaches are Certified Intrinsic Coaches® and use evidence-based practice to enhance motivation, self-confidence and quality of life for participants.

Health screenings

Our team of preventive care specialists brings health screenings to you! With a full panel of options, we can provide screenings for BMI (height/weight), body fat, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood glucose or A1C, and more. Each screening includes a personal review of results and basic health education.



Our registered dietitian nutritionists provide one-on-one medical nutrition therapy. RDNs offer tailored nutrition recommendations based on health status, health goals and personal history. The dietitian is committed to helping participants improve their quality of life through healthy eating habits.

Cooking classes

  • Tasty Tidbits - Our registered dietitians bring cooking to you, and food is included!
  • Excite Your Appetite - Join us for cooking classes with employees and friends.

Pharmacist/medication counseling

Our pharmacist gives presentations and meets one-on-one with participants and their family members to provide personal counseling for medication-related health concerns.

Rehabilitative exercise programs

Our Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) build exercise prescriptions for individuals who have barriers or physical limitations that prevent them from adopting a healthier lifestyle. Participants meet with our onsite athletic trainer to assess the cause of their pain or limitation and develop a custom rehabilitative exercise program for them to use at home. These programs can be designed for any person who wishes to develop strength or endurance through fitness in a safe and effective way.

Smoking cessation

Freedom from Smoking® has been the leading adult smoking cessation program for more than 25 years. This program shows you how to quit for good in a supportive setting. Our health coaches are certified Freedom from Smoking® facilitators who will help smokers change their behaviors with this group program.

Stress management

Utilize our confidential counseling services to supplement your current employee assistance program (EAP) on a fee-for-service basis, or provide our local, in-person counseling year-round. Community Health Network’s EAP offers short-term counseling to employees looking for help managing life’s stresses. Topics include: family, marital, and significant other relationships, child, adolescent, and parenting issues, grief and loss, communication and problem solving skills, improving well-being and life satisfaction, and more.

Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges enhance your culture of wellness by engaging your employees' competitive spirit. Our challenge programs will fit perfectly into your quarterly scheduling and allow participants to focus on the important areas of their health: nutrition, fitness, stress and more! Below is a sampling of our challenge programs.

10,000 Steps PLUS

Participants move more while focusing on other important aspects of their health. They earn points in three ways: meet steps goal, eat fruits and vegetables, and relax.

6 Weeks to 100 Miles

Throughout this six-week program, participants will travel up to 100 miles by walking, running or other healthy habits.

The Biggest, Healthiest Loser

A twist on your weight loss challenge, this program gives you the opportunity to earn points for meeting health goals in fitness, nutrition and sleep!

Fresh Start

Lose weight and body fat with exercise! Measurements are taken each week while following the ACE Fitness Kick Start Challenge exercise program.

Fruit & Vegetable Challenge

Increase your fruit and vegetable consumption and notice how good you feel. Participants use wrist bands to keep track during the day and show off.

Happy to Healthy

This 12-week coaching experience will help you bring enhanced happiness to your life and support the healthy lifestyle you desire. Answer crucial questions to identify and live your richly purpose-filled life every day.

Lighten Up!

Lighten your load by managing your weight and your stress, and eating fruits and vegetables. This challenge offers stress techniques and healthy living advice.

Maintain No Gain

The perfect solution to winter weight gain, this program challenges participants to maintain their weight within 2 lbs (or lose at least 4 lbs) over the holidays!

March Madness

Practice fitness and healthy habits in this 8-week wellness challenge. Participants fill their brackets with healthy habits until they are left with one winning health habit.

New Year, New You

Start the year off right with this total wellness challenge! Participants will earn points by eating smart, moving more and stressing less.

Splash Into Summer

This summer challenge encourages participants to drink more water and stay hydrated. Participants will track daily water intake and aim for at least 8 glasses (64 oz) per day.

A Taste of Wellness

Try foods in new ways. Each week, a new food or ingredient is unveiled for participants to try and add to a recipe. Cookbooks included!

Touchdown Challenge

Score a winning season by earning touchdowns and field goals to win the game with exercise minutes and other healthy habits during football season!

The Truth or Dare Challenge

Challenging both your mind and your body, these weekly health myths will include a dare to help you work your way to healthier living.

Unwind Your Mind

This mental health exercise program is designed to help participants reduce stress. Participants will earn points by practicing stress reduction and exercising.

Walk for the Health of it!

Participants try to achieve 10,000 steps a day for better health.

Wellness Bingo

BINGO! Mark any row of five squares by completing the wellness activities listed on the card. Weekly cards are included.

Chronic Condition Management

Health management programs have been developed for individuals with the following chronic conditions. Each program, which is a minimum of eight sessions, is facilitated by the health coach who conducts wellness assessments to determine goals and measure achievements. Sessions occur weekly through completion of the program.


Weight management can be difficult. This program supports participants as they create an appropriate plan of action to help them meet their weight loss goals.


Stress is high these days. This program supplies participants with the skills they need to deal with and reduce stressors in all areas of their lives.


Healthy lifestyle can influence healthy cholesterol. This program helps participants create a plan to improve their cholesterol in healthy ways.

Blood pressure

Whether temporary or long-term, many things can affect blood pressure. This program helps participants understand and improve their blood pressure.


Diabetes is a complex disease. This program helps participants understand their disease and create an action plan to achieve their best health.


Most people have dealt with anxiety at some point. Not a substitute for therapy, this program addresses how to manage frequent anxiety in normal situations.


Depression affects millions of people. Not a substitute for therapy, this program helps participants learn and practice critical skills for coping with depression.


Coming soon! Quitting tobacco is much easier with help. This program helps participants quit tobacco with the structured help of a health coach.

Employee Engagement Tools

We offer monthly newsletters, presentations, seminars, surveys, and more to help your organization engage employees in healthy living programs.


Our own monthly wellness newsletter, from our health coaches to you! Each month offers advice on fitness, nutrition and stress, and a new wellness challenge. WellNews is distributed via email, home mailer or printed copies.

Challenge of the Month

Monthly challenges (distributed with or without WellNews) with one specific health focus: happiness, hydration, fitness and more. Participants enjoy meeting these simple goals throughout the year.

Presentations and seminars

Also known as Lunch & Learns, our onsite presentations and seminars will enhance your wellness program! Each includes handouts, activities, resources and promotional pieces, and can be modified to suit your requirements for time. Our list of topics is available upon request.

Wellness bulletin board

A wellness bulletin board(s) easily displays health information for employees and spreads awareness of new wellness initiatives. Suggested coverage includes physical activity, nutrition, simple stretching routines, and seasonal health and safety tips.

Surveys and evaluations

Use our workplace wellness surveys and cultural assessment evaluations to determine the health topics of interest to your population. The benefits of these options are two-fold: First, they give employees a voice to relay their interests and includes them in the decision-making process of their wellness plans. They also indicate enhanced success for wellness programs and services.

Wellness committee

A good wellness committee is a group of 5-10 volunteers from any departments in your organization. This group is dedicated to health and wellness with a focus on building, engaging, and evaluating programs or initiatives to improve the culture of health at work. They create excitement and encourage participation among employees for a healthier workplace.

Leadership team wellness engagement

Create a mission to enhance the health and well-being of your population. Your company’s CEO and department managers work as a team to create a top-down effect in changing the culture of wellness at your workplace. These individuals will participate in health coaching and can share health data or their successes and challenges with their company. This information can be compiled in aggregate form and/or remain anonymous at their discretion.

Annual wellness calendar

Take a look at the bigger picture with an annual wellness calendar. The health coach will use this tool to organize, coordinate and promote all wellness initiatives in advance of each new year. The wellness calendar allows employees to see the entire scope of their wellness program for each new month, quarter or year.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Licensed counselors providing short-term counseling to address diverse home and work issues
  • Employees and anyone living in their household can receive up to eight face-to-face counseling sessions per year
  • Includes manager training and consultations, employee orientations, referral services and critical incident stress debriefing for crises at the workplace

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