Faith Health Initiative

Community Health Network understands the essential role of faith communities in promoting and sustaining wellbeing. Faith-based organizations improve the quality of life of their members, neighbors and communities by providing spiritual care, a supportive web of resources and impactful wellness ministries. We know this is true for many of our patients whose faith communities are an indispensable part of their care team.

For this reason, Community Health Network developed the Faith Health Initiative (FHI). This initiative paves the way for a faith-health partnership. Built on respect, this partnership recognizes that both faith communities and high-quality, medical treatment play a vital role in restoring health and promoting wellbeing, and that by working together, we are better able to meet the needs of our communities.

The Faith Health Initiative supports our faith partners by providing a variety of educational services designed to improve health awareness and access to care.

  • Health promoter training
  • Monthly health education curriculum and resources to support your existing health ministries
  • Health and well-being seminars provided by a group of highly skilled network professionals and community partners
  • Resource referral services to connect your members with the right community resources
  • Faith community nursing training and support

To learn more about the Faith Health Initiative, or to schedule a consultation, contact Lisa Fleetwood at 317-621-1868 or

Programs and Services

Congregational Health Promoter Training

This training is designed to equip faith community members with the knowledge required to promote health within their congregation. In this two-session training, participants will learn about a variety of topics - including hypertension, mental and emotional health, and sexually transmitted diseases - while also learning health ministry basics like confidentiality and resource tracking. Once trained as a congregational health promoter (CHP), participants gain access to FHI’s continuing educational opportunities that will allow their ministries to flourish. Participants do not need a medical background to register for this course.

Monthly Health Curriculum and Resources

Education is an important first step in improving awareness and promoting heath, but we know that our health ministry leaders don’t always have the time to develop curriculum. FHI will do the work for you! Register to receive monthly health education toolkits, complete with the handouts, tips and learning activities. The easy-to-use toolkits will allow congregational health promoters and ministry leaders to educate their members on a new health topic every month.

Speaker's Bureau

At Community Health Network, we consider our knowledgeable and compassionate employees our greatest asset. That’s why our Speaker’s Bureau was developed using our own highly skilled professionals as well as trusted community partners. Eager to share their knowledge with others, our speakers will provide education on a variety of health and wellness topics, answer your important questions and refer to local resources. The information you receive will be a valuable first step in improving your health.

*Topics and availability vary. Multi-lingual speakers available for some topics. A minimum of 15 participants are required to schedule a speaker.

Resource Concierge Services

While helpful resources are out there, they’re sometimes difficult to find. Let FHI assist you in locating the right resource to meet your member’s needs. Whether you’re looking for help with transportation, legal support or job skills training, it’s likely we know of someone who can help.

We have developed a robust resource database using our Network’s programs and services as well as our community’s most respected assets, ensuring you are connected through a seamless referral process. Do you have resources you would like to share with our community? Join our resource network and we will refer others to your services, too!

Faith Community Nursing Support - Coming 2019!

Faith community nurses (FCN) are registered nurses who are trained to focus on health promotion and illness prevention within their faith community. This holistic nursing practice integrates the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions to achieve personal best health and well-being. Faith community nurses can conduct blood pressure screenings, teach health education courses, organize volunteer groups and provide home visits for the sick or homebound. They often serve as the faith community leader for health ministry. FHI provides eligible nurses with FCN training and ongoing educational support.