Internships and Student Opportunities


Community Health Network offers students and new graduates a chance to gain quality career experience and become valued members of the Community team through internships.

An internship is an unpaid, structured work experience related to a student’s major or career goal. It may be for credit or may fulfill some academic requirement for graduation. Typically, the internship experience lasts one academic semester/term and can be part- or full-time. Internships offer students the opportunity to gain new skills and valuable work experience to add to their resumes. They also allow a student to network and develop personal references when beginning the search for their first job in their chosen career.

Through daily, on-the-job interaction with a supportive team, you will learn practical job skills and knowledge that will help you successfully pursue employment in a healthcare profession. See answers to frequently asked questions about internships below.

Internships are available in the departments listed below*. Additional internships may be available, so if you don’t see one you’re interested in, please complete the application and you will be contacted to discuss other options.

*Therapy Experiences: If you are interested in a Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy experience, do not use the form below. Instead, get details and apply here.

NOTE: If you are interested in paid employment with Community, please do not apply for an internship. Instead, please explore our current job postings.

Apply Online for an Internship

What kind of internship opportunities exist for someone with a non-medical background?

Community Health Network has numerous opportunities for individuals with backgrounds and training in areas such as accounting, finance, information technology, project coordinator and more.

What does Community look for in people that apply for an internship/training program — previous experience, work experience, GPA?

Each internship/training program has different requirements. The webpage and/or job posting for that internship will explain specific requirements.

Are internships only during the summer or also during the school year?

This varies by internship. Some are summer only, while others are six weeks, one semester or year-round. See the specific internship for specific durations.

Job Shadowing

Community Health Network also offers those considering a career in healthcare the opportunity to participate in a job shadow experience. Through job shadowing, students are able to supplement what they are learning in the classroom with direct exposure to the hospital environment. To qualify for a job shadow experience, you must be 16 years of age.