Cancer Center South, three months later

Written by Community Health Network on 7/25/2014 6:00:00 AM

Since the opening of Community Cancer Center South in April, the radiation oncology staff has been providing treatment to patients using state-of-the-art equipment. 

The TrueBeam™, a radiation therapy machine, brings something different to cancer treatment plans for Community cancer patients. Using TrueBeam's advanced imaging features, doctors can "see" the tumor and personalize treatments to a particular cancer - and treatments take minutes, not hours.

"The TrueBeam delivers an advanced form of radiation with pin point accuracy to a patient's tumor either in or on the surface of their body," explained Dr. Darrel Ross, radiation oncologist at Community Physician Network. 

Not to mention, the machine itself makes treatment more comfortable for patients of all sizes and cancer types. 

In fact, the Truebeam™ at Community Cancer Center South recently accommodated a bariatric patient from Boone County. He drove the far distance to the south side because the cancer treatment he needed could be effectively done on the Truebeam™, given his size.

Breast cancer patients are also reaping the benefits of this technology. It's not unusual for a breast cancer patient to experience the harsh effects of radiation that leave their skin irritated and red. With the TrueBeam, the severity of those side effects are greatly reduced. 

But, the most noticeable benefit to patients is the calming environment in which they receive treatment. 

"What we've done, in order to take away the element of fear from such a monstrous piece of machinery, was create a very cool, soothing and ambient environment. Even the ceiling in the treatment room is that of a starry night sky," said Ross. 

To learn more about cancer treatment at Community Cancer Center South, take our online tour of the facility. 

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