Our Success

Camp Erin® a success!

We are proud to report that our Camp Erin has grown steadily year after year!

  • 2011: We served 54 campers.
  • 2012: We served 61 campers.
  • 2013: We served 77 campers.
  • 2014: We served 93 campers.
  • 2015: We served 96 campers!
  • 2016: We served 92 campers!
  • 2017: We served 101 campers!
Camp Erin, Jade group hug

Watch our slideshow to learn what your Camp Erin experience will be like!

Camp Erin 2013 slideshow

More Videos About Camp Erin

Our local Camp Erin mascot and symbol is the giraffe, the animal with the biggest heart and longest neck. He represents the heart we bring to Camp Erin and the courage we show when we "stick our necks out" to tell our stories and be a part of this camp. We want to thank our campers, families, volunteers and supporters for their willingness to take this risk to be a part of Camp Erin.

Thank you to the families who trusted us with their children, to our campers who reached down and found strengths they didn’t know they had to meet physical and emotional challenges, to our volunteers who tirelessly offered their time and resources, to our funders and grantors who trusted our vision and joined us to make it all possible.

Together, we ARE Camp Erin Indianapolis. I am here for you. You are here for me. We are here for each other.

We hope each of you will stay in touch. You can e-mail us or post on the Camp Erin Facebook page.