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BodyZone Fitness Centers

Community Health Network’s BodyZone fitness centers are designed to improve our employees' health and fitness, simplify their lives with convenient facilities, and be a part of their exceptional employee experience. Fitness classes are also open to non-BodyZone members.

Reopening Plan and Safety Procedures

BodyZone North, East and South fitness centers are now open, and we are back to 24/7 hours of operation! The 7330 location remains closed.

Please see our new policies and procedures (downloadable version) for what we are doing to help keep you safe during these times and what is expected when you return to BodyZone. Thank you for your continued support during this time!

  • All participants are asked to wear a mask while not working out on the machines.
  • We will check temperatures as members come into the facility.
  • We will provide individual spray bottles for members to use while they are working out. These bottles will be refilled and disinfected when they are returned.
  • We have set up proper social distancing by marking off or moving equipment on the main exercise floor and have marked off social distance circles in the group exercise classroom.
  • Every hour, we will clean exercise equipment, door handles, hand sanitizer dispensers and other places people may have touched to ensure proper cleanliness.

No Excuses - Workout From Home

Personal trainer Micah shows you a range of simple, yet effective, exercises you can do from the comfort of home with minimal equipment. If you don't have video, click the link to download or print the routine.

More Workouts

Personal Training

Do you want to start a new exercise program? Do you feel that you need some guidance with the equipment to have an effective workout? Maybe you just need to change your current fitness program and you are looking for someone to show you some new exercises and push you past your current program.

Our personal trainers design and tailor personalized workouts just for you, allowing you to achieve your desired results in a rewarding timeframe. Your professional trainer will be right there with you for inspiration, support, safety and guidance.

Pricing and Special Discounts

Personal training cost is $20/half hour. You do not have to be a BodyZone member to participate in personal training. Contact Micah Willhite if you want to set up a personal training session.

Fitness Classes and Instructors

You do not have to be a BodyZone member to participate in fitness classes. Explore class schedules and meet our instructors below.

BodyZone North Class Schedule   Tai Chi Schedule 

Meet Our Fitness Instructors

About Tai Chi

Tai chi, which is derived from the Chinese martial arts, focuses on building strength, balance, and flexibility through slow, fluid movements combined with relaxing deep breathing. Qigong is the practice of aligning breathing with gentle movement for stress reduction and the cultivation of the body's qi or "life energy," which the Chinese believe serves to prevent illness, improve general health, and extend life. Referred to by the Harvard Medical School as "medication in motion," tai chi provides research supported healing and support for those with arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, fibromyalgia, and back and spinal problems, as well as reduces stress and increases strength, mobility, balance and endurance. But don't let the gentle moves fool you; thirty minutes of tai chi burns the same amount of calories as thirty minutes of brisk walking.

Still not convinced? Read Five Reasons Why Your Body and Mind Will Love Tai Chi

Tai Chi Class Calendar

2020 schedule now available! Both morning and evening classes are available. All tai chi classes are available to the general public; you do not have to be a Community employee to participate. Please check the schedule below for details, including session dates, instructors, registration and cost.

Tai Chi Schedule

Location: Classes held at BodyZone North, 6991 Hillsdale Court, Indianapolis

Locations and Amenities

    BodyZone North

    BodyZone North
    6991 Hillsdale Court
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    • Easy to find in the Hillsdale office complex along Shadeland Avenue (6991 Hillsdale Court), just south of Community Hospital North and Community Heart and Vascular Hospital
    • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Secure (security card needed for access)
    • 8,500-square-foot facility
    • Life Fitness elliptical trainers, treadmills, recumbent bikes and Hammer Strength weight machines, plus flat-screen TVs and satellite radio
    • Full-service men's and women's locker rooms (renovated in 2018)
    • 1,600-square-foot multipurpose room with 1.5-inch foam padded Taraflex sports floor for injury reduction, designed for cardio fitness classes and cooking classes
    BodyZone East

    BodyZone East
    Community Hospital East, Building 3 basement
    1500 N. Ritter Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46219

    • Conveniently located in the lower level of Community East building 3
    • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Renovated in September 2010
    • Secure (security card needed for access)
    • 1,800-square-foot facility
    • Life Fitness cardio equipment including five treadmills, three elliptical trainers, stair stepper, two recumbent bikes, Smith weight machine, full line of Hammer Strength and Hoist weight machines, Swiss balls, stretching area, plus flat-screen TVs
    • Men’s and women’s locker rooms
    • Showers


    New in 2020! BodyZone membership now includes all Indianapolis locations: North (Hillsdale and 7330 Bldg), East and South. There are no initiation or registration fees. Fees are paid through equal payroll deductions.

    • Employee only is $10 per pay period.
    • Employee + Spouse is only $15 per pay period.

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    Note: You will be redirected to inComm and will need to log in. Or, visit inComm under myPerks > Employee Fitness Centers and look for the Enroll Now button.

    Contact Us

    For more information about BodyZone, give us a call or send us an email.

    Todd Williams, Director of Health and FitnessTodd Williams, Director of Health and Fitness



    Max Morse, personal trainerMax Morse, Personal Trainer



    Olivia Watson, personal trainer at BodyZoneOlivia Watson, Personal Trainer



    Micah Wilhite, Exercise SpecialistMicah Willhite, Exercise Specialist