COVID-19 and Your Bill FAQ

This information is being provided because Community Health Network is committed to transparency in our pricing and billing practices.

For other general questions about your bill or assistance with healthcare coverage or medication costs, please review the About Your Bill page.

I thought there was no cost if I was sick or tested for COVID-19. Why am I getting a bill?

Federal laws relating to billing for COVID-19 are complex. Rules differ across insurance plans and for those without coverage. Based on the federal laws your insurance plan determines your responsibility. Not every service is covered in full. Some patients may owe a portion for their health care services.

I was not tested for COVID-19. My doctor said I had COVID-19 and should self-quarantine. Will I have to pay for any COVID-19 related services?

Even if you were not tested for COVID-19, you may be responsible for any co-pay, deductible or co-insurance amount based on your insurance plan for the care provided.

I still don’t think I owe this balance. Who can I talk to about this?

Your insurance company determines the amount you owe. Information is provided on your Explanation of Benefit (EOB). Please start with your insurance company for an explanation. The telephone number is typically located on the back of your insurance card. If you still have questions, please contact us per below.

I have been affected by COVID-19 and cannot afford to pay my bill. What do I do?

We understand you may be dealing with financial uncertainties due to the coronavirus pandemic and we are here to help. We have several financial options, including payment plans and financial assistance.

Who do I contact to find out about payment plans or financial assistance?

You may contact us through MyChart or at the following:

Community Health Network, Community Howard Regional Health, Community Howard Specialty Hospital
Phone: 317-355-5555 or toll-free 866-721-4205

Community Hospital Anderson
Phone: 765-298-3300 or toll-free 866-298-3300

Community Surgery Centers and Stones Crossing
Phone: 317-621-0300 or toll-free 855-621-0300