Commerce Bank Financing: FAQ

Community Health Network patients now have a long-term payment option through the Health Services Financing program with Commerce Bank. Learn more about how the program works and find answers to commonly asked questions below.

Community Customer Service 

For questions or assistance with setting up a payment plan, please call Community customer service based on your location of care:

  • Community hospitals and physicians: 317-355-5555
  • Community surgery centers, Stones Crossing Imaging/Stones Crossing Rehab: 317-621-0300

Program Overview

Community Health Network’s focus on the well-being of patients extends beyond care and into sound household finances, and as such, Community is pleased to offer a partnership with Commerce Bank to manage payment plans greater than 12 months. Commerce Bank’s Health Services Financing (HSF) program is a unique solution in a great time of need, when cost is a barrier to individuals seeking care and rising deductibles and co-pays are commonplace. Patient out-of-pocket costs for visits, whether planned or unplanned, are unaffordable for many people, and Community sought a way to provide more payment options in addition to our financial assistance policy.

Patients and families are eligible for a HSF extended payment plan regardless of whether they have insurance. Further program attributes include 0% interest, one manageable monthly payment, and the ability to fund multiple services/charges on one account.

Community’s launch of HSF derives from our core commitment to our patients. This program helps provide peace of mind when confronted with medical expenses, creating a positive impact and ultimately a healthier, happier community.

About Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is a Missouri Bank & Trust Company that has been in operation for over 150 years. The Bank is a subsidiary of Commerce Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBSH), a publically traded company.

Commerce operates in more than 340 locations in the central United States and has a nationwide presence in the commercial payments industry.

Am I able to merge my accounts into one extended payment plan?

Most likely, yes. If you have a qualifying current balance due with Community, you will be given the option to utilize the HSF extended payment plan from Commerce Bank. If you already have an open HSF extended payment plan with Commerce Bank and you would like to have additional outstanding balances added to your HSF extended payment plan, please contact Community customer service. You will be able to utilize the HSF extended payment plan from Commerce Bank to merge accounts up to $50,000.

NOTE: Accounts with Anderson, Home Health, Howard (service dates prior to 2/1/2017) and Westview do not qualify for the HSF extended payment plan.

What alternatives do I have to Commerce Bank?

Community will continue to offer the same 0% interest payment plan solution with terms of 12 months or less.

How do I enroll?

A patient can enroll directly over the phone by calling Community customer service. They will walk through the explanation of terms and consent to enroll in the HSF extended payment plan.

Who will manage these payment plans and payments?

Commerce Bank will manage all payments from patients that enroll in the HSF extended payment plan. Payments can be made to Commerce Bank by mail, phone, or through the Commerce Bank online payment portal. Patients/Guarantors should not pay Community for an HSF extended payment plan.


What is the interest rate?

The interest rate is 0% interest for the patient/guarantor.

Do I make my payments directly to Community or to Commerce Bank?

Patients/Guarantors should not pay Community for a HSF extended payment plan. Any previously created automatic payments to Community for accounts going to Commerce bank will need to be stopped and payment needs to go Commerce Bank.

Will I receive one statement even if I have multiple accounts with Commerce Bank?

Yes, you will receive one statement with a minimum balance due. In addition, you will be able to see the detail for each account noted separately on your statement from Commerce Bank. If you set up multiple accounts within the same day, the statement will show those accounts rolled into one line noted on the statement.

Are there transaction fees for each payment?

No, there are no transaction fees for payment.

How do I pay Commerce Bank? Is there a mobile app? Can I pay in person? Can I set up an auto payment?

You have several options for making payments:

  • You may make a payment online by activating online banking at
  • You may send a check to Commerce Bank, P.O. Box 801042, Kansas City, MO, 64180-1042. This address will also appear on your periodic statement.
  • If you have a Commerce Bank checking or savings account, you may make a payment through online banking (see above for enrollment link) or by calling Commerce Bank’s 24-hour automated phone line at 855-893-1292. You will be prompted to select the appropriate option to make a transfer from your checking or savings account to your Commerce Bank HSF extended payment plan.
  • If you have a checking or savings account at another bank, you may make a payment by calling Commerce Bank’s 24-hour automated phone line at 855-893-1292. You will be prompted to select the appropriate option and enter the routing number and account number of the checking or savings account you wish to pay from.
  • You may set up automatic recurring payments by calling Commerce Bank's 24-hour automated phone line at 855-893-1292 or logging into your online banking account to request an auto-debit form that needs to be signed and mailed back to Commerce Bank.
Is there a discount for paying in cash?



Is this only for people with no insurance?

No. This is for any patient/guarantor who has a current balance and is not past due.

What is the smallest/largest dollar amount eligible?

To establish a HSF extended payment plan the first transaction has to be greater than $250. Subsequent transactions have no minimum required. Accounts will not be eligible for additional transactions if the account balance has exceeded the maximum account balance of $50,000.

Is there a screening process? Is this dependent on my credit?

No, there is no screening process and it is not dependent on your credit. This is for any patient/guarantor who has a current due balance.

What information is needed to enroll?

To enroll in the Commerce Bank HSF extended payment plan, Community will need to provide Commerce Bank basic information to identify you, including a social security number, name, address, phone number and date of birth.


Can I use Commerce Bank for all my Community bills?

Please note that these payment plans will only pertain to Community Health Network billing statements and not statements received by other entities such as MACL, Medical Associates, AmeriPath.

NOTE: Accounts with Anderson, Home Health, Howard (service dates prior to 2/1/2017) and Westview do not qualify for the HSF extended payment plan.

I signed up for my Commerce Bank Line of Credit, but have not received my statement yet?

Typically, you will see you first statement between 30-45 days from your enrollment. Feel free to call Commerce Bank at 855-893-1292 for additional information. Please note: Prior to contacting Commerce Bank, only the person on the account will be able to obtain information from Commerce Bank.

May I set up a joint account with my spouse?

No, the Commerce Bank Line of Credit can only have one guarantor. Please note that others, such as a spouse, can make a payment, but they will not be able to see information about the account. If a person other than the guarantor contacts Commerce Bank regarding account, no information will be provided. Commerce Bank only has the guarantor’s personal information to verify the caller.