About Your Bill

Your Bill at a Glance

How do I read my bill?

Bill at a glanceBelow is a sample statement with explanations definitions. If unable to find answers here, contact the phone number shown on your bill.

  1. Guarantor Number: This is a unique number that identifies all accounts for which you are financially responsible
  2. Amount Due and Due Date: This indicates payment amount and date expected
  3. Description: This section is organized by patient and provides the patient name, provider name and/or facility location and is only provided on initial (first) statement
  4. Payment Plan: Easy-to-read payment plan section shows at a glance which accounts have an active payment plan, as well as, those accounts not currently on a payment plan
  5. Payment Coupon: To be detached and mailed with your payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Responsibility

The patient or, in the case of minor child, the biological parents or legal guardian is responsible for payment of the bill.

Coverage and Benefits

Read your insurance plan booklet to be sure you have followed all the guidelines for referrals and authorizations, or call your insurance company for assistance. Failure to follow your plan requirements may result in greater out-of-pocket expenses. Your primary care physician (PCP) plays a very important role in this process.

Billing Coverage

Provide complete primary and secondary coverage information at every service. As a courtesy to our patients, Community Health Network submits claims to your insurance carrier. However, it may become necessary for you to contact your insurance carrier or supply additional information for claims processing requirements or to expedite payment.

Community Health Network participates in most major health plans in Indiana. Please review your health plan provider guide and/or consult with your insurance carrier to confirm coverage.

Limited Benefit/Non-Contracted and Healthshare Plans

Coverage through a limited benefit plan, healthshare plan or non-contracted benefit plan will result in a greater out-of-pocket expense and may not be eligible for financial assistance.

Recurring Services

Community Health Network bills select services monthly versus per visit. Examples of the services billed monthly are oncology and outpatient therapies.

Why did I receive a bill from my doctor and/or others in addition to my hospital bill?

Certain services may require collaboration from multiple providers such as pathologists, radiologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, emergency room physicians and other specialists resulting in multiple bills. If you have questions about these bills, please call the phone number printed on the statement you received from them. Following is a list of providers Community Health Network partners with from whom you may receive a separate bill.

Have questions about COVID-19 billing?

Please review our FAQ on billing and COVID-19.

Need help finding healthcare coverage?

Contact our partners at The WellFund to learn more. They can be reached at 855-365-9300.

Difficulty paying for medication?

Contact our Medication Assistance Team at 317-355-2324 or visit eCommunity.com/medicationassistance.

Contact Us

For general questions about your bill, please contact your location of service:

Community Health Network, Community Howard Regional Health, Community Howard Specialty Hospital
Phone: 317-355-5555 or toll-free 866-721-4205
Email: BillingHelp@eCommunity.com

Community Hospital Anderson
Phone: 765-298-3300 or toll-free 866-298-3300
Email: FinancialHelp@eCommunity.com

Community Surgery Centers and Stones Crossing
Phone: 317-621-0300 or toll-free 855-621-0300
Email: VEIBIllingHelp@eCommunity.com

Behavioral Health Services
317-621-7620 or 866-424-2317