Quality Indicator Survey

As we strive to keep patients and visitors informed about the quality of care offered at each of our facilities so you can be more involved in your health care decisions, we appreciate your feedback on the information we provide. This brief survey about the Quality Indicators section of eCommunity.com will help us better present this information so it is meaningful for you and your family.

All user information submitted is secure and anonymous, and the survey only takes a few minutes. We know your time is valuable. Thank you for using some of that time to help us keep our patients better informed.

How did you find the quality indicator pages?

Did a search on the eCommunity.com site
Did a Google/other engine search
Someone recommended the pages to me
I discovered the pages by chance
My doctor recommended that I read about quality indicators
I am doing research for a family member or friend
I am doing research about a condition for myself

Were you looking for a specific condition or treatment within the quality indicator pages, or were you interested in the subject?

Specific condition or treatment Overall subject

How helpful was the quality indicators data in satisfying answers to your questions?

Very Helpful Somewhat Helpful No Opinion Somewhat Unhelpful Very Unhelpful

If you selected Somewhat Unhelpful or Very Unhelpful to the question above, please tell us why.

If you found the pages helpful, what part was the most helpful to you in explaining the quality indicators?

Graphs and Charts Reading the Text Audio Explanations

Do you use this type of information to help you make decisions about what hospital you choose for your care?

Yes No Not Sure

How would you rate the reliability of the quality indicator information?

Completely Reliable Somewhat Reliable No Opinion Somewhat Unreliable Completely Unreliable

Would you recommend this quality indicator web site to a family member or friend?

Yes No Not Sure

How can we make information about quality indicators in hospitals more valuable to you?