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Medical education programs at Community Westview Hospital

A Day in the Life

Kirk Hanson, DO, residentA day in the life of a resident: Sports medicine

Bright and early, the morning started in the hospital checking to see if any of my own patients were admitted the previous night; there were none. This gave me a little extra time to grab breakfast in the cafeteria, and then I was off to a committee meeting. The professional records committee reviews hospital processes with a joint team consisting of physicians, nurses, billing/coding, quality assurance, risk management and information technology. This is an excellent meeting for residents as we recommend changes and track how these changes are improving patient care.

After the meeting, I was off to my sports medicine rotation. During this rotation, I evaluate every patient, review imaging, provide differentials and develop treatment plans. This is an excellent hands-on experience that allows me to improve my skills for when I am out in my own practice one day. For lunch, it is time for a seminar on hand/wrist injuries in sports medicine. I pair up with an athletic trainer and we go over inspection and palpation for the hand and wrist. Another great review.

The afternoon starts with a diagnosis of "Little Leaguer's elbow" and I end it with iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). Imagine having to inform an athlete that he has to rest his elbow for the remainder of the season. No games and no practice. The disappointment of missing out on the season is hard news to deliver.

With the last patient of the day who has iliotibial band syndrome, I am offered the opportunity to perform osteopathic manipulation. The attending physician observes as I find a tender point and make the pain rated as 9/10 go completely away in under 90 seconds. The patient is amazed as the pain is “completely gone,” and my attending is impressed. All-in-all, it has been a great day!

Meredith Potrzebowski, DO, residentA day in the life of a resident: Family practice

My name is Meredith Potrzebowski and I am a family practice resident at Community Westview Hospital. Below is a representation of what a general day is like during a second-year rotation in the family medicine clinic. Please feel free to contact me at with further questions. We hope you consider Community Westview to continue your medical education.

This month I am in family medicine clinic....

7:30 AM

Lecture at hospital. This morning we are learning about diabetic neuropathy from the podiatrists.

8:40 AM

Follow up appointment for hypothyroidism, diabetes, and hypertension. This patient has lost 50 pounds and is off her diabetic medications, hypertensive medications cut in half. She is exhibiting symptoms of hyperthyroidism today. Will decrease her Levothyroxine and check thyroid levels. She is one of my all star patients.

10:00 AM

Patient with multiple warts that she would like checked. She is concerned about skin cancer. Determine one lesion looks suspicious and will have her return next week to remove. Also educated her on skin cancer and the importance of self skin exams.

11:00 AM

Patient with back pain, currently experiencing lumbar spasm. Perform OMT, including muscle energy, cranial sacral, HVLA, and balancing technique.

1:00 PM

15 year old well child check. He would like to run track this spring and needs a physical form. Educated patient regarding seat belt wearing, drugs and alcohol, as well as sexual education.

1:40 PM

Patient with back pain that is chronic in nature, I saw her for initial OMT appointment one week ago. Decided trigger point injections, along with OMT would be a great treatment option for her. Injected multiple points along trapezius muscle. Patient tolerated well and will return next week for another OMT treatment.

3:00 PM

Patient with anxiety and panic attacks. Have been getting progressively worse. Discussed triggers for attacks and management with deep breathing and meditation. Also brought clinic social worker in to see patient and they are going to meet independently to address symptoms. Patient would like to try non-medical management initially to see if she can handle her symptoms.

4:30 PM

Leave clinic to head home and read about nutrition.

Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity

“Community Westview Hospital medical residents and Dr. Lisa Richter, director of medical education, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis (HFHGI) is an ecumenical Christian ministry that provides low-income individuals and families the life-changing opportunity to purchase and own simple, quality, affordable homes.”

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