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Media/Contact Policy

Media contacts

Community Westview Hospital/Community Healthplex
Rhonda Garrison, Director of Health and Wellness
Phone: 317-920-7410

Community Westview Hospital
3630 Guion Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Community Health Network
Lynda DeWidt, PR and Media Relations Director
Phone: 317-621-3636

Community Westview Hospital recognizes the valuable relationship between the hospital and the news media. This relationship is based upon the hospital’s moral and legal responsibilities for the care and welfare of patients, and the news media’s goal to bring matters of general interest or concern to the public.

Community Westview Hospital is committed to working with the news media in support of timely and factual reporting, while mutually following these objectives:

  • To safeguard the privacy of each individual.
  • To provide information accurately, authoritatively and promptly.
  • To cooperate sincerely.

In releasing information about Community Westview Hospital, the following guidelines will be applied:


Community Westview Hospital’s director of marketing and communications, Sue Yeskie, will serve as spokeswoman for the hospital. When information is received outside these verified sources, accuracy should be confirmed. Hospital staff will be knowledgeable on how to expedite media requests through proper channels.

Patient information

During hospitalization, two distinct patient rights must be considered: the right of privacy and the confidential nature of the patient’s medical records. Patients, upon routine admittance to Community Westview Hospital, are given the opportunity to approve or disapprove information release. Patients who request that no information be released will have those wishes honored. In accordance with federal regulations, general patient information, as well as medical records of cases involving confirmed or suspected substance abuse, are prohibited from release.

Public record

Cases of public record generally are those which either involve the fire or police department or are reportable by law to public authorities and open to public inspection on demand at the public agency. The hospital will cooperate with enforcement agencies when advised that information should not be released.Any information on public record cases will be withheld by the hospital until a reasonable, humane attempt is made to notify the patient’s next of kin or guardian and a signed, written authorization for release of information is obtained.

Disaster communications

There will be a designated area of the hospital for media to receive regular updates on the situation. All public information will be issued through a designated spokesperson.

Standard definitions of patient condition

Indiana hospitals generally use the following definitions for patient condition. Additional terms will be supplied to the media as appropriate.


Vital signs, such as pulse, temperature and blood pressures are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable. Recovery outlook is good or excellent.


Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious, is usually uncomfortable or may have minor complications. Outlook is favorable.


Acutely ill with questionable outlook. Vital signs may be unstable or out of normal limits. A chance for improved outlook.


Questionable outlook. Vital signs are unstable or out of normal limits. There are major complications; death may be imminent.

To contact the media relations office, call 317-920-4416.


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