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Listen to Dr. Sumeet Bhatia an MD Anderson Cancer Network™ certified oncologist, discuss skin cancer diagnosis, types of skin cancer, and treatment at Community. Dr. Priya Young, dermatologist, weighs in on skin protection, screening for skin cancer and more.

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Find out out how to recognize the signs of skin cancer and get tips for self-exams and sun safety at


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Cutaneous Cancer program

Our Cutaneous Cancer program offers treatment and therapy to patients with all types and stages of skin cancer, including rare types of skin cancer, such as Merkel cell carcinoma and cutaneous sarcomas. We provide specialized expertise for patients with complex or advanced malignancy, and patients with recurrent or extensive tumors. The program offers advanced care for patients who require surgical management such as reconstruction. Multidisciplinary care is coordinated, including complete diagnostic, radiological, and post-treatment follow-up. For more information, call 317-621-2520.

Community Cancer Center has proudly partnered with Jeff Wagner, MD, an internationally recognized physician and researcher in the areas of melanoma, skin cancer and reconstructive surgery. A comprehensive program has been developed to streamline the multidisciplinary care necessary for patients with complex and advanced cutaneous malignancies and cutaneous tumors.

Easy for you and your patient

A single phone number and care coordinator serve as the main program contact and case management resource for patients and physicians. The program coordinator takes physician referrals, coordinates with primary care physicians, triages patients for appropriate care, and coordinates the multidisciplinary cutaneous cancer team. A key goal of the program is to schedule patients for appropriate specialty consultation within one week following initial referral. For referrals, call 317-621-2577.

Access to expertise

For referring physicians, Community's Cutaneous Cancer program offers a one-stop access point to a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Referring physician preferences for patient follow-up, testing and diagnostic services are respected.

A range of advanced, state-of-the art treatments

The Cutaneous Cancer program focuses on providing the appropriate patient care as a result of specific referral needs. Such needs may involve surgical or dermatological care, or the patient may need more comprehensive care management for complex cases. The program identifies specialty resources—not just within the Community cancer care network, but also throughout Indiana—that may have a particular expertise for a given disease and diagnosis. Advanced care is available for patients that require surgical management, such as reconstruction.

Getting patients back to what’s important to them as quickly as possible

All resources and specialty care recommendations are discussed and coordinated with the referring physician, as desired. To the extent possible, required treatment and therapies are provided on a patient's first visit. Interim and continuing care are provided as necessary. As much care as possible is provided in the patient's home community.

Communication coordination

In addition to traditional means of communication and care coordination, the Cutaneous Cancer program utilizes e-mail communication and telemedicine applications when appropriate. The program strives for timely communication and follow-up.

Program goals

  • Superior patient outcomes
  • Superior patient management and coordination
  • More effective multidisciplinary care and team approach
  • More efficient care, with a focus on patient and referral source convenience
  • Patient and referring physician communication that exceeds expectations
  • Utilization and coordination of local, home community health care services as available

Skin cancer treatment at CommunityDr. Wagner is the medical director of the Cutaneous Cancer program and its multidisciplinary team. He is double board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a fellow of the American Board of Surgeons and the Society of Surgical Oncology. He is also on the faculty of the IU School of Medicine where he founded the IU melanoma program.

Dr. Wagner has an established and well-known practice, Wagner and Associates Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Consultants of Indiana. For more information, visit or call 317-621-2520. For referrals, call 317-621-2577.

Dr. Wagner is a frequent educator, speaker and author; he has been identified as one of America’s Top Doctors. He is an internationally recognized expert and researcher in the fields of cutaneous oncology, melanoma, and reconstructive techniques and outcomes.

Skin cancer screenings available

If you're worried or just curious about a mole or skin spot, call 800-777-7775 to make an appointment with a Community dermatologist for a skin cancer screening today!

In Indiana in 2015, there were more than 1400 new cases of melanoma diagnosed and 240 deaths from melanoma.

In May and June 2015, Community Cancer Centers East, North and South took part in offering free skin cancer screenings to the public. Screenings were done at Cancer Centers East, North and South with dermatologists certified by the American Academy of Dermatology. Dawes Fretzin Dermatology and Greenwood Dermatology participated. A total of 166 participants were screened. The dermatologists recommended follow-up on 28 for possible skin cancers. All participants were called by Community Cancer Care staff to make sure follow-up care was received.

If you would like to be screened for skin cancer, please call 800-777-7775 to see one of Community's dermatologists.

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