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Ranked among the nation's most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network is Central Indiana's leader in providing convenient access to exceptional healthcare services, where and when patients need them—in hospitals, health pavilions, workplaces, schools and homes.

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Third-party event FAQ

Can even organizers use the Community name for an event?

Yes, promotional materials that use the Community name must use the terms “…proceeds to benefit Community Health Network Foundation.” Community Health Network Foundation is the beneficiary rather than sponsor, of all fundraising projects and events. Therefore, Community’s name cannot be used as such: “Community Health Network Golf Tournament” or “Community Lemonade Stand”.

Can event organizers use Community’s logo on items for an event?

Generally, logo approval will not be granted for events. Any fundraising bearing Community Health Network Foundation or Community Health Network images or logos in any promotions must be approved in advance by Community Health Network Foundation. This requirement applies to broadcast and web promotions and all printed materials referencing Community Health Network and the Community Health Network Foundation.

Can event organizers request a Community representative at an event?

While we cannot guarantee a presence at all events, we will try our best to accommodate requests. Events that will receive greater consideration are those that raise $5,000 and above. To submit a request for a Community Health Network representative to attend your event, please email As an alternative, you make want to invite a grateful patient or their family from your community that could share their Community experience.

Can event organizers take a tour and host a check presentation at Community?

Yes, a Foundation representative is available to host tours and participate in a check presentation at Community Health Network facilities. Requests should be made in advance by emailing

Can event organizers request Community Health Network Foundation’s tax ID and W-9?

Requests for Community Health Network Foundation’s tax ID and W-9 are not approved. We cannot allow the use of our tax ID number for third party events, as we are not administering and/or managing these events.

What fundraising activities qualify as gaming?

The Indiana Gaming Commission defines gaming activities as the following: bingo, charity game night, raffle, door prize, festival, the sale of pull tabs, punch boards and tip boards and any other gambling event specifically approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission. All gaming activities require a license to be obtained by the event organizer. Please visit the Indiana Gaming Commission for more information

Can event organizers serve alcohol at an event?

If you wish to dispense alcohol at your event, you must hire a licensed alcoholic beverage bartender. All required permits must be obtained by the event organizer. More information can be found at If alcohol is present at an event, proof of age must be required and signs posted to that effect.

Where do event organizers send the donation after the event?

Please send gifts to: Community Health Network Foundation, 1500 North Ritter Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219. Please send your donation within 30 days of your event. Checks should be made payable to Community Health Network Foundation. Events should submit one check with net proceeds, not individual checks.

Does the Foundation accept the net proceeds or gross proceeds from an event?

All expenses are the responsibility of the project/even organizer and must be paid before proceeds are given to the Community Health Network Foundation. The Foundation will only accept the net proceeds of the event or project.

Can event organizers host an event in honor/memory of someone?

Yes. Please include the full name and address of the individual or family whom we should notify of your contribution. All memorial and honorary gifts are acknowledged if we have appropriate contact information. The amount of the gift will remain confidential. Envelopes are also available for those requesting a gift be made in lieu of flowers. For more information, please email

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