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For managers

Referrals to EAP

If you notice a change in an employee’s behavior, or know that an employee is having personal problems, you can make an informal referral to EAP. When making an informal referral, express your concern to the employee, remind them about the EAP, and give them a brochure. Informal referrals are used prior to any work performance problems. Early intervention can prevent progression of a problem and decrease impact on work performance. You may say: “You’re such a good employee, but you’re not quite yourself lately. I am concerned and want to remind you about the EAP.”

It is important not to play the role of counselor. However, by addressing your concerns and showing support, you may be instrumental in encouraging the employee to seek help. Offering assistance and then stepping back is often the most difficult aspect of helping someone. But it is one of the most beneficial and empowering actions you can take. The employee must make his/her own decisions. If you have questions or would like coaching in how to address this matter, please contact the EAP (317-621-7742 or 800-543-4158).

A management referral to EAP is arranged by a supervisor when an employee has an attendance or work performance problem that is not resolved through normal supervisory intervention or disciplinary action. Steps to initiate this process are as follows:

  • Call EAP prior to referring the employee to let us know the employee’s name and any other pertinent work performance information. Complete the “Manager Referral Form” on this site and fax it to us.
  • EAP will notify the supervisor:
    • Whether or not the employee contacted EAP within prescribed time.
    • If the employee signed an EAP release of information form allowing EAP to notify the appropriate personnel of the employee’s compliance with assessment and treatment.

The EAP will notify the appropriate company representative if a job site threat is determined. Information about the specific recommendations, clinical disposition or the type of problem(s) is not available to the supervisor unless the employee signs a release of information consent form. Our primary task is not to ‘weed out’ poor performing employees but instead, to coach them to a place of health, integrity and productivity.

  • EAP will provide periodic written reports regarding employee compliance with treatment, and return to work dates when appropriate.
  • EAP can also facilitate a return to work conference with the supervisor and employee. Contact us for more details.

Downloadable forms

Problem IndicatorsProblem Indicators
This checklist is to assist you in recognizing specific observable behaviors of an employee.

Manager Referral FormManager Referral Form
Use this form to refer an employee to EAP for assistance.

For more information or to make an appointment contact EAP at 317-621-7742 or 800-543-4158.

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