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Community Health Network IRB (CHNw IRB) is your partner in research to help facilitate the review and approval of your research efforts so that the people of Central Indiana have access to treatments and options which might not otherwise be available.

Contact IRB

Parker Nolen, IRB manager
Phone: 317-355-5678

Community Hospital East
1500 N. Ritter Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Office hours

The IRB Office is open for drop-in appointments every Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. We're located in the Administration Suite, across from the Employee Wellness Clinic.

Through this website and our daily practice, CHNw IRB is committed to being as transparent as possible in our actions and relationships with Principal Investigators, while ensuring the network maintains its commitment to compliance we have made to various federal agencies via our Federalwide Assurance.

Please do not hesitate to contact the IRB if you need assistance, have any questions regarding your research proposal, or would like to make suggestions about how the CHNw IRB can improve its processes. We look forward to working with you to advance the research efforts of the entire network.

What is an IRB?

An Institutional Review Board, or IRB, is comprised of people (physicians, laypersons, and administration) who review research to assure that patients or populations in a study are aware of and consent to any physical or psychological risks.

The primary role of an IRB is to protect research participants from physical or psychological risks. The Community Health Network IRB was established to review, approve, require modifications to, or disapprove human subject research conducted under the auspices of the network. 

Please contact the IRB manager if you are planning to do any of the following activities:

  • Qualitative research
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Chart reviews
  • Clinical trials
  • Scholarly projects intended for publication

What research needs approval?

All human subject research, regardless of funding source, must be reviewed and approved by the Community Health Network IRB before initiation where:

  • The research is sponsored by Community Health Network.
  • The research is conducted or directed by any employee or trainee of the Network in connection with his or her Community Health Network responsibilities.
  • The research involves network faculty, staff, and/or students.
  • The research involves access to any property or facility of the network at the following locations:
    • Community Hospital East
    • Community Hospital North
    • Community Hospital South
    • Community Rehabilitation Hospital
    • Community Westview Hospital
    • Indianapolis Osteopathic Hospital, Inc.
    • Community Surgery Center North
    • Community Surgery Center East
    • Community Surgery Center Hamilton
    • Community Endoscopy Center
    • Hancock Surgery Center
    • Center for Neurological Rehabilitation
    • Community Health Network Foundation
    • Community Heart and Vascular
    • Community Home Health
    • Community Physician Network (formerly Community Physicians of Indiana)
    • Community Regional Cancer Center
    • Gallahue Mental Health Center
    • Specialty MRI Center

Mission statement

The Community Health Network IRB is committed to following the ethical standards described in the Belmont Report, and all applicable federal, state and local regulations as well as the Network policies and procedures. The education programs for our researchers, and review and monitoring of the research projects in the Network are designed to ensure safe and ethical conduct that will protect human subjects and foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and integrity between the Subject, the Researcher, the Institution, and the federal agencies which oversee the conduct of our program.

Statement of compliance

The Community Health Network IRB (CHNw IRB) complies with all federal requirements for IRBs as set forth in the DHHS regulations 45 CFR Parts 46 and 164 and the Food and Drug Administration regulations 21 CFR Parts 50 and 56. (Letter of Compliance)

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