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Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II

Cardiac rehabilitation phase II at Community WestviewCommunity Westview Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation phase II (CRPII) program was designed to improve the health and quality of life for all patients who have experienced any type of heart disease or disorders. CRPII is a medically-supervised program offering comprehensive medical evaluation, prescribed exercise training, cardiac risk factor modification, education and counseling on heart healthy living. All of this is designed to return patients back to an active and productive life.

The CRPII multidisciplinary cardiac rehab team works with the patient, family and physician to develop an individual cardiac rehab plan. The patient’s cardiac rehab is supervised by a registered nurse and includes an exercise physiologist and registered dietitian.

What's in a patient’s cardiac rehab phase II plan?

Each patient’s CRPII care plan includes the services from the following list that will best meet the patient’s needs–depending on his or her health and wellness assessment.

  • Medical evaluation
  • Prescribed exercise plan
  • Education and counseling
  • Comprehensive wellness services

Medical evaluation

The medical evaluation part of the cardiac rehab plan may include:

  • Review of history, physical exam findings and medication
  • Referral with a physician’s approval to other services for the patient, such as the diabetes education program or a weight loss program

Prescribed exercise plan

The prescribed exercise plan includes:

  • Development of an individualized exercise plan for each patient in collaboration with their physician – and measurement of the patient’s efforts at each class
  • An evaluation for the patient’s level of fitness and ability to use cardio equipment, such as a treadmill or exercise bike
  • Monitoring of heart rhythm and blood pressure during exercises
  • Monitoring of glucose levels before and after exercises

Education and counseling

The education and counseling plan may include:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lipid management
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Medication management
  • Other health and wellness education related to risk factor reductions

Comprehensive wellness services

Wellness services will also be available for each patient if needed, such as:

  • Diabetes education program
  • Dietitian consultations
  • Pharmacy expertise
  • Fitness programs for the patient and their family/friends

Qualifying diagnosis

The cardiac rehab team will work with the patient's insurance companies, the referring physician and the patient to make sure the patient receives the appropriate services.

Medicare diagnosis guidelines are listed below (individual insurance plans may vary):

  1. Documented diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction within the preceding 12 months
  2. Coronary bypass surgery
  3. Stable angina pectoris
  4. Heart valve/repair/replacement
  5. Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or coronary stenting
  6. Heart or heart-lung transplant
  7. Left ventricular assistance device (LVAD)
  8. Other diagnoses may be covered under individual insurance plans or considered with supportive evidence with decision through the National Coverage Determination (NCD)


Cardiac rehab services are located in the Community Healthplex at 3660 North Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

The patient’s family or friends can join them in their exercise program, enjoy the spa services or enjoy a healthy meal on the Courtside Café at a fee. The location is also conveniently on the same campus as Community Westview Hospital (offering followup diagnostic services, such as laboratory, and other outpatient services) – just a few steps away. Free parking is available on campus.

More information, consultations or referrals

Please call 317-920-7423 for more information or to make a referral.

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