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Treatment and services

Oncology patients require a broad spectrum of care needs, which vary depending on the type and stage of illness. In addition to early detection and screening services, Community Health Network's cancer care providers offer the latest technologies available to treat cancer through medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology therapies. At the time of admission, each patient’s need for care is assessed, including physical, psychosocial, nutritional and education-level evaluation.

Cancer therapies

Community Cancer Centers offer expertise across the entire family of cancer therapies, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy and surgical treatment.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer with ionizing radiation or x-rays that are stronger to destroy or damage malignant cells. This is a common course of treatment for cancer patients and can effectively treat many types of cancer. In some cases, it may be used in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. More about radiation therapy >>


Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer drugs to treat cancerous cells that have spread (metastasized) to other parts of the body. It is a systemic (whole body) treatment, meaning it enters the body and travels through the body to kill cancer cells. More about chemotherapy >>

Biological therapy/immunotherapy

The goal of biotherapy is to boost or restore the body’s immune system to enable it to fight cancer or infections. Biotheraphy is also used to lessen the side effects of some cancer treatments. Agents used in biotherapy include monoclonal antibodies, growth factors, and vaccines. These agents may also have a direct antitumor effect.

Surgical treatment

This therapy involves surgical treatment of cancer, including biopsy, tumor staging and tumor resection (removal).

Cancer screening and diagnostic services

Find out about low-dose lung cancer CT screenings, make an appointment for a colonoscopy, learn about genetic counseling options, take advantage of Community's comprehensive breast diagnostic services, and more. Screening information >>

Symptom management

Community's Symptom Management Group helps treat the physical and mental conditions that develop as a result of cancer by providing comfort, relieving symptoms, and easing distress caused by disease and treatment. Symptom management services include a variety of counseling services, pain management and patient care options. For appointments, please call 317-621-4418. Learn more about symptom management and meet the team at

Where can I get treatment?

Medical, radiation and surgical oncology services are provided across all five of Community's MD Anderson Cancer Network® certified hospital locations, with the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient treatment available.


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