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Ranked among the nation's most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network is Central Indiana's leader in providing convenient access to exceptional healthcare services, where and when patients need them—in hospitals, health pavilions, workplaces, schools and homes.

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Patient testimonials

Genelle's story

"We had taken a vacation and I thought that my neck was hurting because of riding in the car, but I was complaining the whole time about my neck. We had an MRI, and I got a call from the oncologist and he said I want to see you tomorrow morning first thing. I went in on Friday and he told me they had found a very large mass on the back of my neck. By Wednesday, I was at Community North. And Community North is affiliated with MD Anderson. I knew right away that was the place for me. Listen to my story:

We needed to get the best treatment we could, and I knew MD Anderson could do that. The first thing I noticed was that the nursing staff was extremely friendly and they took us in. I always felt that they had time for me. The atmosphere the minute you walk in is one of peace. I would tell patients that their chances are much greater if they go to Community North. That they really know what they're doing. I feel very comfortable there; I highly recommend it."

Rick's story

"I really had no symptoms negative-wise. I had an enlarged tonsil. I had a growth in the back of my throat that I could see when I was brushing my teeth. So I went to my general physician and he sent me to an ear, nose and throat guy. That's how it all started. In two weeks I had a tonsillectomy and they sent it out for a biopsy. About four days later we got the results, and it was cancerous. You're afraid, you're anxious, just the unknown of what's going to transpire going forward. Listen to my story:

I'd seen the MD Anderson commercials and how they had combined efforts with Community North Hospital. I found out that MD Anderson was the number one cancer facility in the country and the fact that Community Hospital was affiliated with them made me feel a lot better. What Community Hospital and MD Anderson mean to me is just the peace of mind that I and the rest of my family experienced through this. They could visit me while I was in there. They were more than happy to make my family comfortable as well as me, which is huge, when you're at a low point. Not one bit would I change my approach to my care. It all went better than planned - not that I had any great plan - but it all turned out very well."

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