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Bandaging and skin-care treatment for lymphedema

Bandaging and skin-care treatment for lymphedema

Do you have a persistent swelling in your arms, legs, hands or feet? You may have lymphedema, an easily treatable condition. Lymphedema can occur as a result of a blockage of lymph fluid flow in your body. This leads to a build up of fluid that can cause:

  • Problems with movement
  • Damage to soft tissues of limbs
  • Skin breakdown
  • Infections
  • Inability to fit in clothes and/or shoes
  • Aching in the limbs

Signs and symptoms of lymphedema, which can occur months or years after an injury to a limb, include:

  • A “full” sensation of affected limb
  • Skin feels tight
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Pitting of skin (stays indented when you press on it)
  • Tight clothing, rings, bracelets, etc.

Community can help! We can create a specialized program for you, made up of exercise, massage and bandaging. We also can determine if you need a compression sleeve or stocking to keep swelling from recurring.

We can teach you many techniques to manage your lymphedema symptoms, including:

  • Self-bandaging
  • Self-massage
  • Lymph flow exercises
  • Skin care
  • Prevention tools
  • Home management of lymphedema

We tailor our program to meet your personal health needs. Early intervention is best for optimal results.

Call 317-355-7868 to make an appointment or contact a Physical Therapy and Rehab location today to learn more.

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